10 Gifts to Keep Kids Active in Winter


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It can be hard to keep your kiddos entertained and get them outside once the snow flies and the temperature drops. Here are 10 great holiday gift ideas to keep kids active and looking forward to winter. This list includes sleds, ride-on excavators, igloo builders, snowball launchers, snowman decorations, snow tubes and more.  Have fun and GET OUTSIDE!

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10 Gifts to Keep Kids Active this Winter

Scooter Sled

Is your kid getting bored just sledding down the hill? Open up their world and introduce them to sledding STANDING UP down the hill. Great for braver kids looking for a new adventure! Like surfing on the snow. This will keep the kids lining up for turns on this fun unique sled.

  • Snow scooter constructed with durable plastic material for years of use
  • Designed with handle bars that allows direction control for a smooth ride
  • Handle bars fold down, for easy space-saving storage
  • The anti-slip foot rests will keep riders safe, maintaining balance while surfing down snowy slopes
  • Overall Dimensions: 36”(L) x 9”(W) x 28”(H)


Snowball Maker

Perfect for Family Snowball fights. Make a ton of snowballs, stock up and than let the war begin. Or send the siblings and their friends out to battle while you hang out indoors, drinking a warm cup of coffee watching the antics.

  • Makes 3 perfect snowballs at a time
  • Type of snow determines snowball success, powder may need to be packed several times while wet spring snow will make snowballs in a snap.
  • Smaller snowballs created specifically for smaller hands
  • Snowball maker is a great motivator to get outside to play.


Snowman Kit

So you have just made the perfect snowman but you can’t find the right pebbles, sticks, carrots or anything else to accessorize your snowman, enter the snowman kit. The perfect way to add tons of character to your snowy friend, everything a well-dressed snowman needs.

  • The entire family will have hours of outdoor fun building the perfect snowman.
  • Our 16-piece kit includes a black felt top hat, plastic coal eyes & smile, carrot nose, pipe, scarf, and buttons.
  • Items constructed with sturdy prongs to ensure pieces stay securely on your snowman.
  • Keep them active creating the best-looking snowman in the neighborhood!
  • Great idea to make a super cute snowman with all the parts in one place. (except arms, you will still need to find branches for arms)
  • Great holiday gift for kids get them outside and playing in the snow.


Dinosaur Footprints

Your kids will LOVE being outside while leaving dinosaur footprints to surprise and confound their friends and family members.

  • Perfect gift for the child who loves everything…Dinosaurs
  • Will make dinosaur prints in snow and sand
  • Can be used as non-slip shoes in the snow, to prevent kids from slipping.
  • 4-wheel drive dino shoes
  • Put on this shoe and leave the dinosaur footprints, no longer leaving your footprints. Does this idea sound good?
  • Suitable for adults and children over 8 years old.
  • Velcro fasteners insures it fits all foot sizes.


Snowball Slingshot

Perfect for team building in siblings, friends and family. Teams of three can launch snowballs incredibly far! Try to hit the included target, or the dog or your neighbor! Get ready for some long distance combat!

You have one person holding one side of the slingshot, another on the other side and somebody is in the center holding the snowball or (snowballs) Let ‘er RIP!

  • Holds up to 3 snowballs at once.
  • Weather resistant rubber bands
  • Vinyl target included
  • Age 8+




Ideal Sno-Brick Maker

Is one of your kids a builder or architect in training? This toy makes building forts, snow houses, walls and igloos fast and easy. Kids will love hanging out in their own snow cave all day long! Build it, destroy it, build it, destroy it, for kid it just doesn’t get better than this! Buy one for each child (and/or adult) so the construction goes quickly and more fun can be had!

  • Designed to make rectangular brick out of snow
  • Pack snow into a rectangular bucket and dump it out to make snow bricks!
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Sno-Ball Maker measures 10 in. by 5.12in. by 6.75in., comes in assorted colors
  • Made in the U.S.A. Makes
  • For children 5 years old and up.
  • Again keep in mind the type of snow determines success, you want wetter snow, powder will not work so well.


Downhill Racer Xtreme Sled

Ready to rip down the hill – FAST? This is the sled for those with the need for speed. Easily fits two, an adult and a child or two kids. This sled is fast you will be the fastest sled on the hill and go further than other sleds every time.

  • Accommodates 1-2 riders; perfect for adult/child tandem rides
  • Made with heavy-duty, slick-coated flex plastic
  • Coated with Slippery Racer ice vex cold-resistant treatment
  • Pull rope included for easy haul back up the hill
  • 1-Year factory warranty
  • Measures 48″ (L) x 18″ (w) x 5.5″ (H)


Ride-On Excavator

Does your kid LOVE construction trucks? Let them be their own foreman and operate the excavator on the ride-on crane. Tons of fun for little ones and helps with hand-eye coordination. Hours of fun picking up and dumping snow into piles. Super sturdy this will be one of the best toys you ever buy and offers year-round use. Dig and pile snow in the winter and dig and pile dirt, wood chips or sand in the summer. Kids are going to love this one and it will encourage them to go outside!

  • All-season play: Sift Sand, dig dirt, and shovel snow!
  • Two-handed controls help kids learn manual dexterity and improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Weight limit: 110 lbs. Some assembly required.
  • Handle controls movement and the seat pivots around.


Inflatable Party Penguin Snow Tube

or Unicorn, Dragon, Polar Bear, or Flamingo. Your kids will make a statement and be the center of attention at the community sled park with these super-cool snow tubes. Big-sized, fun animal shapes make these sleds unmistakable fun! The speed, smooth ride and sheer funness of the PARTY Penguin will have you fighting over who gets to use it next! You will be the hit of the slopes no matter which animal inflatable you choose!

  • Sled down snowy hills in style
  • COLD WEATHER TREATED:100% thicker than the competition.
  • Awesome designs that are both fun and functional
  • RAPID-INFLATE VALVE: Unique GoFloats valve inflates in seconds so you’re ready for the snow in no time
  • Comfortable ride at 45” wide and fun for adults and kids (always use with adult supervision on a designated sledding hill) – repair patch kit included!
  • Provides free replacements for damaged or defective items.


Pedal Front Loader Tractor with Trailer

If your son or daughter loves tractors, they are going to go bananas over this toy. They can lift the bucket with snow and than release it, they can carry their toys or their sister in the back of the trailer and best of all it’s pedal-operated so no batteries needed and your kiddo will get a fun workout while outdoors. This German-made and engineered toy is fun, tough and durable. Keep in mind this is a toy that needs to be assembled and this assembly is not for the faint of heart. Plan from 2-4 hours for complete assembly

  • Fully functional Front Loader can  of scoop up large piles of dirt, sand or snow
  • Front hood compartment lifts for authenticity
  • Tractor is pedal-powered, so NO batteries required, the chain drive system is fully enclosed for safety
  • Oversize resin tires and rubberized tread strips to ensure great traction
  • Detachable hauling trailer can be filled by the Front Loader; and can be used to move toys, comic books and other items
  • Two-position adjustable seat  will accommodate  children as they grow
  • Recommended for ages three -six years old; Max weight capacity of 50 pounds on seat of tractor




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We hope you found this article 10 gifts to keep kids active in winter helpful.  What was your favorite winter toy when you were young and why?  Is there a toy that you feel should be on this list but is not, let us know what it is so we can share it with the community.  We would love to hear your thoughts, comment, stories and any experiences you have had with these toys, let us know what you think. Thanks for reading.

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  • I was planning to buy my cousins gifts this Christmas and I was actually thinking of what gifts I should get. This article was perfect for me. I loved all the suggestions but the Snowball Maker is a clear winner for me. My cousins really like to play outside in snow and have snowball fights with each other and the neighborhood kids, I think this will up their game.  I will buy one for each of them, they will have so much fun with this.

    • So happy you found this article helpful.  Yes the snowball maker is really fun!  Just remember that it works best with packable snow, so spring snow is perfect.  Make sure everybody has one so nobody is at a disadvantage because when you can make 3 snowballs at a time, those without snowball makers are going to be pummeled! have fun!

  • I must say that I am very glad that I have found this article because I have 2 kids and it is very hard to wear them out! I would never have thought to look for a Ride-On Excavator but it looks Awesome! I will be ordering one before the holidays, thank you for this great idea.

  • Thank you for this list of the perfect holiday gifts to encourage kids to get outside and be more active!  Whatever you choose, your kids will have FUN. The pedal front loader tractor is a great choice for my John. He is 4-years old and loves all things construction and BIG trucks. I think digging with an excavator and driving a trailer would be an interesting adventure for him.

    • So happy you found this list helpful, your kiddo will love the pedal front loader! Have a wonderful holiday.

  • I never have any trouble getting my nephews out to play when there is a snow, they love it!! I think I’m gonna have to get 2 of the scooter sleds, or they will fight each other for it. Maybe get them 1 of the snow brick maker so they can play together. These toys are so creative and fun!! Thanks for making my Christmas list shorter. Happy holidays!


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