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Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs – Starter Sets

Welcome to the wonderful world of disc golf, where players throw a plastic disc (or Frisbee) at a series of metal baskets situated along an outdoor course, and the object of the game is to complete the course in the fewest possible throws. If you have already played, you know how exciting and addicting this game can be, if this is your first time, get ready to have some fun and know that you will want to play again and again.

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When you first get started, the best approach is to find three good discs that will allow you to focus on how to throw and learn the fundamentals. This list of the best beginner disc golf discs will help improve your game right from the start.

Getting Started

To get started disc golfing you will need:

  • Driver for tee shots and long fairway drives when you want maximum distance.
  • Mid Range for shorter upshots when approaching the target and want some distance but need more control.
  • Putter- for putts at close range into the basket and performance on shorter holes, usually about 300 feet or less.

None of these suggested beginner disc golf sets contain championship or high performance discs, instead they are quality discs that are meant to enhance your game until your skills and technique improve. Also remember that as a beginner you will be hitting trees, rocks, fence posts and more until you perfect your aim, so don’t invest in an expensive disc until you develop accuracy and a feel for throwing golf discs.

When learning how to play disc golf, you will want to consider stability and weight. As a beginner, look for lightweight, understable discs, these will be the easiest to throw and control

Disc Stability

Stability is the disc’s ability to remain straight through the disc’s flight path. Stability ranges from -3 (understable) to 3 (overstable). Look for a stability as close to (0) as possible when learning how to throw discs.

Overstable Discs – refer to a flight that banks left when thrown by a right-handed thrower using a standard backhand-style throw. The sharper the curve to the left, the higher the number ranging from (1) to (3).

Understable Discs – are easiest to throw for inexperienced players. An understable disc will bank to the right average or higher speeds when thrown by a right-handed thrower using a standard backhand-style throw. An understable disc ranges from a rating of (-1) to (-3), with a (-3) having a sharper curve to the right.

Zero (0) Stability Putters – Look for putter discs with a (0) rating. Putters must fly straight and low over a short distance, which is what the (0) stability is designed to do.

Left-Handed – If you’re left handed use the reverse, because discs bank in the opposite direction when you’re using an opposite spin.

Disc Weight

The final thing to consider is the weight of your disc. Golf discs can vary in weight from 120 to 180 grams.

Heavier Weight Discs – Heavier weight keeps discs straighter and more overstable, and are best utilized by experienced players. Heavier weight discs do perform better in windy conditions.

Lighter Weight Discs – Disc weighing around 166 grams are easier to throw when you’re learning. They have more glide, travel farther and offer more control than heavier discs. Kids or people who are smaller in may want to go even lighter weight.

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Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs

Innova Starter Golf Disc Set Innova Starter Disc Golf Set

Innova is a leader in the disc golf world and they are known for their innovative plastics and cutting edge designed discs. This starter set is the perfect way to get in the game.

  • Starter set includes 3 discs; a putter, a mid range, and a driver that are beginner-friendly and hand-picked by experts.
  • Innova DX Plastic is easy & comfortable to grip in all weather
  • Discs range from 160g-180g weights
  • The exact disc color, stamp color, and weight WILL VARY but all are appropriate for beginners.
  • Includes a reusable, waterproof scorecard and pencil to keep score. Exact pencil color and style WILL VARY.
  • POI Mini Marker is included, just like in golf, a marker is required to mark your ‘lie’. This mini marker marks the point of impact so you can pick up and use the same disc again and again.
  • A variety of sets are available with different variations of drivers, mid range and putters. The exact discs that come in your set depends on the package you choose. See description below to help choose the right set for you.

Innova Putter:

DX Aviar: Most popular disc & the #1 putter in disc golf.

Innova MidRanges:

DX Cobra: Beginner-friendly with a long lifespan.

DX Roc: Best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made.

DX Roc3 : Solid in wind conditions with a very predictable fade.

DX Shark: Perfect mid-range disc for all skill levels.

Innova Drivers:

DX Archangel: One of the easiest driver to throw.

DX Beast: A wide rimmed driver.

DX Destroyer: Very fast, stable long-distance driver.

DX Leopard Fairway: Excellent glide that’s easy to throw straight and far.

DX TeeBird Fairway: An accurate & reliable fairway driver.

DX Valkyrie: Gives beginner players extra distance.

DX Wraith: A long stable, distance driver with speed, glide and accuracy.


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Discraft Golf Pro-D Starter Set with Bag Discraft Disc Golf Starter set with Bag

Discraft is another go-to name in the disc golf world, they make high quality discs that stand the test of time. This starter kit also includes a useful bag to store your discs, water bottle and other essentials.

  • This set is ideal for beginners
  • Black bag can hold up to 6 discs and a water bottle (water bottle and extra discs not included)
  • Includes three Pro-D discs (Driver, Midrange, and Putter)
  • Included discs are 167-177g weight
  • Disc colors and models will be random but all are good for beginner and inexperienced players.
  • Set has what you need to get started.
  • A great gift idea.


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DGA Disc Golf Starter Set DGA Disc Golf Starter Set with Bag

DGA (Disc Golf of America) established and founded Disc Golf in 1976, they are the true originators of the game and they have put together an awesome starter pack for beginners.

  • DGA disc golf starter bag comes with 3 discs but holds up to 10 discs.
  • The selection of 3-disc golf discs, includes a driver, a mid-range, a putter. The selection of discs may change and vary but all discs are appropriate for beginners.
  • Set also includes a disc golf mini marker to mark where your disc lands.
  • Disc golf score cards and pencils make keeping score a breeze. Easily stores in the disc bag along with any other essentials you may need.
  • Disc bag is available in Black, Orange and Camo color
  • Complete disc golf sets lets you start playing immediately, right out of the box.
  • Includes throwing instructions and rules of recreational disc golf.
  • The bag is durable with pockets and storage compartments so it is very versatile. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it comfortable and easy to use.


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Dynamic Prime Burst Disc Starter Set Dynamic Prime Burst Starter Set

This starter set lets you enjoy some of the most popular discs from Dynamic Discs that are ideal to players new to the sport.

  • The discs in this set are handpicked by the World Champions at Dynamic Discs
  • Set has four of the most popular discs along with a Burst Mini marker.
  • Colors and weights will vary.
  • The Judge is a putter that flies straight and glides for amazingly long distances.
  • The EMAC Truth is a very consistent mid range disc with speed to fly and the stability to handle some power. When you’re not quite in fairway range and a little too far to throw a putter, reach for an EMAC Truth and watch your disc land close to the basket.
  • The Maverick has a smaller rim and offers controllable fairway speed and straighter flights.
  • The Escape has a bit more speed than the Maverick, but it is equally workable. Ideal for inexperienced players.
  • The Trespass is a high-speed driver with very neutral flight path; don’t worry about early fade or quick turn. The wide rim can take a lot of power and keep gliding to new distances.


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MVP 3 Disc Starter Set MVP 3 Disc Starter Set

The MVP 3-Disc Starter set is a winner for beginners looking for a budget-friendly introduction into the popular sport of disc golf.

  • This set includes three MVP discs — one putter, mid range, and driver — in an assortment of Electron Plastic with soft and firm blends.
  • MVP is amazing at combining different types of plastic in one disc to make the disc fly better, longer and more stable.
  • Electron is MVP’s baseline plastic. It feels amazing to throw, but it is not made for taking a beating at high speeds. It is primarily formulated for putters and mid ranges
  • The Atom is a putter that is straight flyer with lots of stability and feels good in the hand.
  • The Vector is a classic overstable mid range. It can handle lots of power and will cut through the wind.
  • The Volt is designed for long accurate throws and the famous GYRO technology lets it fly straight and stable with a reliable fade that makes it a great choice for long, tight fairways
  • Maple Valley Plastics (MVP), is located in Marlette, Michigan,
  • MVP use two different plastics on each disc, this GYRO technology affects aerodynamics, linear momentum and angular momentum.
  • MVP discs is one of the fastest growing disc golf manufacturers.


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Innova 4 Disc Starter Set with Bag Innova 4-Disc Starter set with Bag

When you’re looking for a step up from just the discs, check out this Innova starter set with a premium disc golf bag that can store up to 10 discs

  • This premium starter set includes

DX Tee-Bird Fairway Driver

DX Valkyrie Distance Driver

DX ROC Mid-Range Driver

DX Aviar Putter

  • The DX line is the least expensive line of plastic but has the widest selection of models and weights.
  • Also enjoy the Special Edition “Stars” logo mini disc to mark your disc’s lie
  • The durable disc bag holds 6-10 discs, has a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and bottle holder. (water bottle not included)
  • All discs feature the Innova DX plastic which provides awesome grip in a variety of weather
  • All discs are selected in weights ranging from 150-180g to suit a wide range of skill sets, disc colors will vary and may duplicate.
  • Innova founder, Dave Dunipace, invented the first true disc golf disc in 1983, so they know a thing or two about the sport.


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Axiom 3-Disc Set Axiom 3-Disc Starter Set

Axiom is a premium disc golf brand brought to you by MVP. This 3-disc box set is all you will need to have fun on the course.

  • Boxed set includes three MVP discs
  • You cannot choose the individual discs but each set includes one putter, one mid range and one driver that is ideal for new players and will help enhance your game.
  • Discs include (1) Electron putter, Electron is MVP’s baseline plastic. It feels amazing to throw, but it is not made for taking a beating at high speeds.
  • Discs also includes (1) mid range disc in one of their premium plastics either the Plasma, Proton, Neutron
  • Discs also include (1) driver in premium plastic either Plasma, Proton, Neutron.
  • Makes an excellent gift for new or experienced players
  • Great entry point into MVP’s lineup of disc golf discs
  • Discs incorporates MVP Gyro technology for straight and stable flight
  • The Axiom Premium Starter Set offers an easy introduction to the quality and style of Axiom Disc Sports.
  • Perfect for those who don’t know what discs to try from the Axiom lineup and fans looking for an easy booster pack.
  • Awesome full-coverage color Axiom graphics.
  • Axiom offers great plastic and reliable flight.


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Park & Sun Disc Set with Portable Target Park & Sun Disc and Target Set

For when you want the whole kit and kaboodle. This set has two sets of discs (putter, mid-range & driver) for two people as well as a portable target. Bring your own disc golf game with you everywhere you go

  • Use this set to create and practice on your own course.
  • Target height of 52-1/2″ with sturdy outer support ring
  • Heavy duty steel support pole has protective black powder-coated finish and is very durable
  • Double disc set consisting of 2 drivers, 2 mid-range discs, and 2 putters has all the discs you need for you and an opponent.
  • Includes four 10″ steel ground anchors for additional support and stability of the target
  • Features a 1-1/4″ x 4mm zinc plated chains help to catch your discs with ease and reduce sound.
  • Available with 3-discs or 6-discs. Ideal if you just need one set of discs not two.
  • The target is portable so it is easy to set up at the park or use it in the backyard but keep in mind that although this is not very heavy and can be carried, it is not collapsible so it may be a little awkward if you’re carrying it a long distance.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with a push-button pole frame and welded base with outer support ring.


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Kestrel 3-Disc Pro Pack with Bag Kestrel 3-Disc Starter Pack

The Kestrel 3-Disc Pro Pack is a great introductory set that will get you playing on the course for less than $25.

  • Set includes 3 discs and a black mesh shoulder bag.
  • Discs includes a Fairway Driver, Mid-Range and Putter
  • Mesh bags holds up to 12 discs.
  • PDGA Approved
  • Made with flexible plastic to give you the bend and distance that new players need.
  • 172 grams of weight is a good weight for distance, accuracy and flexibility
  • Free book included offers tips and outlines the rules of disc golf
  • Perfect set for getting children started with Frisbee golf.
  • At less than $25 you don’t have to pay crazy prices for high quality disc golf discs.
  • An accurate, durable and reliable disk golf set.
  • This set has a 5-star review on Amazon of more than 70 people. People really like this set.


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Disc golf discs
Disc golf discs

What is your favorite Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs? How long have you been playing disc golf? Do you have any tips or advice for others just starting this fun activity? Tell us about your favorite disc golf adventures and escapades! Please share with us, we want to hear your stories.

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  • Arron

    Great article about the best beginner disc golf discs, I loved all this information. My friends and I have been playing disc golf for a long time now and we have been doing it wrong the whole time. Here we have a local course that we like to go to on the weekends in the summer and we just bring the cheep $2 disc you can get at Walmart. I was not aware there were different disc just like there are different clubs in golf until now. And here I was just looking for ways to improve my game and get an edge up on my friends. Looks like I found out a lot more than what I was looking for, which is a good thing!!!  Out of all the different options you offer. Which would you recommend price wise / quality wise for someone that’s just starting to get into the game on a more pro level?

    • ThinkVail

      Hi Arron, so happy this post about the best beginner disc golf discs proved useful and I loved your question. Yes there are different types of discs that can up your level of play but if you and your friends are having fun then you are doing everything right, because that is what disc golf is all about, FUN! However, if you want to improve your game and get a little more competitive you are going to need to incorporate some other discs. All of these discs are winners but I would recommend the DGA Disc Golf Starter Set because it comes with everything you need, 3 high-quality discs (a putter, mid range and driver) disc marker, scorecards, pencils and a carrying case that can hold up to 10 discs, so it can accommodate new discs as you collect more specific discs for precise plays.  All of these items in one set for under $50 is a great value! Have fun kicking your friends butts with this set of improved discs. 

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