• Ice Climber with Gear

    2019 Best Ice Mountain Climbing Gear

    Winter climbing in Vail Colorado, like in many alpine locations, is a combination of ice climbing, rock climbing and mountain climbing. You need technical, versatile equipment that can handle the nuances and demand of each discipline.

  • person ice climbing

    Ice Climbing Vail Colorado

    Ice Climbing in Vail, Colorado is a combination of pure ice climbing and mixed climbing which means a combination of ice and rock. Luckily, for those who love to hug ice, East Vail has a tremendous amount of challenging single pitch, mixed/ice climbing and it is all easily accessible, and in most cases, visible right from the road.

  • husky dogs in harness

    2019 Best Dog Joring Equipment

    When the snow begins to fall and the temperature drops, try a new outdoor adventure with your dog and go winter DOG JORING! Dog joring is skiing or snowboarding while being pulled by a canine. Any medium to large, active dog that loves to run will enjoy this activity and it’s a great way to bond with your favorite four-legged friend. If you have been thinking about dog joring, check out these tips and suggested dog joring equipment to get you started safely and quickly with all the right tools. Have fun!

  • Dog Sled

    Dog Sledding in Vail Colorado

    Dog sledding in Vail, Colorado is a truly magical, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Feel the rush of the sled and powerful pull of the team of Huskies as you glide through hushed Aspen glades and beautiful, snowy, rolling meadows with breathtaking views. Here is a list of local dogsled companies, complete with videos, that operate in and around Vail.

  • pink ribbon to fight cancer

    Pink Vail 2019 – Ski to Cure Cancer

    Come and take part in Pink Vail, the world largest Ski Day to cure cancer! Most people walk or run to cure cancer, here in Vail, Colorado, we ski to cure cancer. This is a FUN, wonderful, annual event for an even better cause; to kick Cancers’ butt.

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    2019 Top Rated Ski Helmets

    A ski helmet is an essential piece of equipment, it is safe, practical, stylish, comfortable and will enhance your day on the slopes. Your helmet allows you to go bigger and faster, if you add audio to your helmet you can groove to tunes all the way down the hill, add a GoPro and take videos or selfies and post to social media. The right helmet will make you look mountain savvy, and like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.

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    Churches in Vail Co-Worship Services in the Vail Valley

    All of Colorado sometimes seems like God’s temple with its rising mountains, never-ending blue skies, pristine blankets of snow, breathtaking views and quiet forest cathedrals.  But when you are looking for inspiration, support, and connection in community, look no further than these wonderful local churches, synagogues and worship services to reconnect with God.

  • photo of a fly rod, fly fishing flies and a book about flies

    Best Winter Flies for Trout-on Colorado Rivers

    Winter fly-fishing on Colorado”s rivers and streams can be challenging and rewarding. Use these best winter flies for Colorado rivers to catch those finicky trout waiting down below. These flies are all recommended by local river guides and have been tested time and time again to entice even the most lethargic of winter trout. Make sure these are in your fly box for a successful day on the river this winter.

  • man fly fishing on a river in the winter

    Best Winter Fly Fishing Gear

    Winter Fly Fishing, especially in Colorado can be very demanding. It is a certain type of person who ventures out to wade in an icy river on a gray, cold day trying to tease slow moving trout to strike. The right winter fly-fishing gear will help this adventurous soul have a fun day casting while staying warm, dry and encouraged.

  • man in winter jacket holding trout

    Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado

    Winter fly-fishing in Colorado offers unique challenges for the adventurous angler, and it can offer great rewards for those who really want to up their game and hone their skills. Certainly, winter fly-fishing is not for everyone but it is perfect for the patient angler willing to wear a few extra layers while enjoying a spectacular day on the river. Take a day off from the bustling ski slopes to cast a line into the frosty waters of Colorado.