• woman wearing sunglasses

    Best Dark Polarized Sunglasses for Women

    If you love outdoor sports then polarized glasses are for you. Especially in places like here, in Vail Colorado where you want to perform your best whether on the snow, on the water, or while running, biking, golfing and driving, polarized sunglasses are a necessity.

  • Girl sunbathing

    2019 Top Rated Spray Sunscreens

    Are you getting ready to take advantage of the long days of summer or maybe hit the sunny slopes of a high altitude ski resort this winter? Whatever your destination, make sure you’re armed with one of these top rated spray sunscreens for easy, convenient sun protection all day long.

  • Insulated picnic basket

    2019 Best Insulated Picnic Baskets

    Check out this list of the years’ best insulated picnic baskets. These are great solutions and are exactly what you need for a day outside whether you are going to a concert, the park, the beach, a farmers’ market, taking a road trip, a bike ride, a hike or any other way that gets you outside with family and friends while enjoying delicious seasonal foods and beverages.

  • Golf Ball in the Grass

    Top Rated Golf Balls 2019

    Finding the right golf ball for your ability and type of play can go a long way to reducing your handicap, while increasing your enjoyment of the game. Here is a complete description of the year’s top rated golf balls, check it out to find the best ball for you. When playing golf at high altitudes, like here in Vail Colorado, it’s best to use a soft, low compression ball because a softer ball will spin more than normal and help compensate for the thin air and lack of air resistance at altitude. Soft golf balls are currently very popular, and are some of the best to play with because…

  • three mountain bikers on the trail

    Best Mountain Biking Gear-What You Need to Hit the Trails

    It’s that time of year again, to get out,and hit the trails with your mountain bike. Get yourself geared up with some awesome essential mountain bike equipment to make your ride safer and more fun. Here is a list of the best mountain biking gear, whether you’re new to the sport or just need to replace what’s worn out, this list has what you need.

  • Mountain Bike X Ray

    Best Mountain Bike Maintenance Tools

    It’s springtime in the Rockies, which means it’s time to put away the skis and snowboards and take out the mountain bikes!  Mountain bike season is upon us so let’s get your bike ready to hit the trails. Here is a checklist of must-do maintenance before the season starts and a list of the best mountain bike maintenance tools to get your bike in tip-top shape.

  • warm, wool socks

    Best Ski Socks for Women

    Hey ladies, you know that nothing is more important than a good-fitting ski sock that keeps your feet warm, dry, comfortable and blister-free but finding the right ski sock is more like an art form than a science. To choose the best ski socks for women, you must consider the following items.

  • Snowboard and Snowboard Travel bag

    Best Snowboard Travel Bag – 10 Solutions for your Gear

    If you’re traveling to a ski resort, like Vail, in the winter with your snowboard you are going to need a snowboard travel bag to protect it. What is the difference between a ski bag and a snowboard bag, are they interchangeable? Does it even matter? Here are 10 of the best snowboard travel bags to make traveling with your snowboard a breeze.

  • skis laid out waiting for a ski bag

    Best Travel Ski Bags-7 Solutions for your Gear

    If you’re an experienced skier coming to Vail, Colorado in the winter, chances are you are bringing your skis (or snowboard). We all know it can be a hassle carrying around these big, bulky bags, but here are some travel ski bag options that will make the experience a little more enjoyable and carefree. These bags come with some great features that make transporting your treasured skis (and boots and bindings and poles and other important stuff) easier, while keeping them protected and secure.

  • Ice Climber with Gear

    2019 Best Ice Mountain Climbing Gear

    Winter climbing in Vail Colorado, like in many alpine locations, is a combination of ice climbing, rock climbing and mountain climbing. You need technical, versatile equipment that can handle the nuances and demand of each discipline.