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    Best Golf Grips for Seniors (for Pain-Free Play)

    Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about golf grips for seniors helpful. The Vail Valley in Colorado, is home to lots of full time retirees as well as, second homeowners that love to spend their days at the golf course. If your older, and suffering from arthritis, hand fatigue, weak grip or a further disability, check out these golf grips that promise to make golfing more comfortable, enjoyable and hopefully pain-free.

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    Top Rated Golf Balls 2019

    Finding the right golf ball for your ability and type of play can go a long way to reducing your handicap, while increasing your enjoyment of the game. Here is a complete description of the year’s top rated golf balls, check it out to find the best ball for you. When playing golf at high altitudes, like here in Vail Colorado, it’s best to use a soft, low compression ball because a softer ball will spin more than normal and help compensate for the thin air and lack of air resistance at altitude. Soft golf balls are currently very popular, and are some of the best to play with because…

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    2019 Best Waterproof Golf Rain Gear

    No matter where you play golf, eventually you will be playing a round in foul weather. If you live here, in Vail, Colorado every day, all summer long, like clockwork, you can expect a rain shower between 2-5pm. But storms can hit anytime, anywhere and it’s best to be prepared with the best waterproof golf rain gear to keep you dry, comfortable and happy.

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    Vail Area Golf Courses-Links on High

    Welcome to the Vail Valley and to high altitude golfing at its best!. The elevation of the Vail Valley ranges from East Vail at 8,200 ft. in elevation to Gypsum at 6,300 ft. in elevation and includes summit courses that top out at 9,200 ft in elevation. We are up certainly there in elevation, and it will affect your game, but mostly for the better.