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    Lightweight Hiking Gear-2019 BEST Equipment

    Check out this list of the year’s top-rated lightweight hiking gear and remember, the lighter your backpack the happier your hike! The Vail Valley is a mecca for hiking and outdoor activities in Colorado. To get out and enjoy all the scenic beauty of the mountains you need outdoor gear that works hard to make sure your hike or outdoor activity is fun, safe and successful. The following is a list of Lightweight Hiking Gear Essentials that are perfect for the trail.

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    Best Vail Hiking Trails (for Kids)

    Welcome to ThinkVail – We hope you find this article about the Best Vail Hiking Trails for Kids helpful. Summer is a magical time here in the Vail valley and one of the reasons for that is because of all the GREAT hiking that is found literally right outside your front door.  No matter where you are staying in Vail, a great hike is just minutes away. Hiking is the perfect way to get away from it all, listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy beautiful views and just a wonderful way to remember what is important in life. Kids are natural hikers, so get them outside and teach them…