• Woman playing pickleball wearing visor

    10 Best Pickleball Visors (for Women)

    A good visor can make all the difference to your pickleball game. It should shield your face and eyes from the sun while keeping sweat out of your eyes so you can focus on the game. It should be lightweight and comfortable so it’s not distracting. Step up your game with these great visor choices.

  • Best Pickleball Racquets

    Best Pickleball Racquets of 2019

    Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, including here in Vail, Colorado. As the game matures, pickleball paddles continue to improve and incorporate new, innovative technological advances to improve your game. Use this list to find the best pickleball racquets for you, based on your ability and style of play.

  • Person Playing Pickleball

    Where to Play Pickleball in Vail Colorado

    Welcome to ThinkVail! We hope you find this article about where to play pickleball in Vail, Colorado helpful. Pickleball is the fun, popular, new racquet sport that is taking Colorado, and the rest of the country by storm. It is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and everybody is giving it a try.