• Person Playing Pickleball

    Where to Play Pickleball in Vail Colorado

    Pickleball is the fun, popular, new racquet sport that is taking Colorado, and the rest of the country by storm. It is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and everybody is giving it a try.

  • woman at a festival

    2019 Spring in Vail Colorado-Events You Can’t Miss

    Spring in Vail, Colorado is a fantastic time, you can ski in the morning and hit golf balls in the afternoon, and you never know what the weather will hold. It is also the start of Festival season. Home to an array of music festivals, camping festivals, sports festivals, culinary festivals and more, there is no shortage of events in the Spring in Vail, Colorado. Come check out some of our favorites.

  • pink ribbon to fight cancer

    Pink Vail 2019 – Ski to Cure Cancer

    Come and take part in Pink Vail, the world largest Ski Day to cure cancer! Most people walk or run to cure cancer, here in Vail, Colorado, we ski to cure cancer. This is a FUN, wonderful, annual event for an even better cause; to kick Cancers’ butt.

  • girl snowshoeing

    Beaver Creek Snowshoeing & 2019 Snowshoe Series

    Beaver Creek, Colorado is a world-class ski resort but it also offers tons of fabulous snowshoeing and an amazing annual snowshoe series that is fun whether you participate as a competitor or are just setting your own pace. If you like sports, particularly running, than you’re going to love snowshoeing. It’s easy to learn, poses little risk of injury and is a great way to get exercise. A 3-hour hike in deep snow can burn over 1,500 calories according to Fitbit.

  • photo of a cowboy on a horse

    2019 Skijoring Leadville CO – a Rodeo on Skis

    Colorado loves its extreme winter sports, we huck ourselves off rocks and cliffs into the snow at high rates of speed, we paddle down Class IV rivers in tiny plastic boats and we hike up huge 14er’s winter and summer. So it should come as no surprise that we should embrace the crazy sport of Skijoring, which is part rodeo, part ski race and part NASCAR.

  • photo of a rustic holiday gift with pinecone

    OMG! The 13 Best VAIL Holiday Gifts Ever!

    The holidays are just around the corner and before you know it you will be scrambling for the perfect gift for all the special people in your life. For the people in your life who LOVE Vail, Colorado we have some truly special gift ideas for you. These gifts are meant to evoke the very best of this favorite Colorado ski town and will be a treasured keepsake by those who live in Vail, long-time locals, those who have made Vail their home but have had to move away, second-home owners, hard-core skiers, snowboarders and everyone who loves this unique mountain town with it’s big time charms.

  • photo of a lively music event

    Vail Winter Events – 2018-2019 Calendar

    A complete calendar of all the Vail, Colorado Winter Events and weekly activities. Use this guide to find all of your favorite  upcoming events. Vail, Colorado comes alive during the winter with an incredible array of events. Please use this list to make the most of your trip to Vail, Colorado or as a way to plan when to come to attend these amazing, action-packed events.

  • photo of carved Halloween pumpkins

    Halloween in the Vail Valley-2018 events

    A complete list of Halloween activities in the Vail Valley including kids events, trick or treating, pumpkin carving, movies, concerts, costume contests, parties and spooky festivities. We love Halloween here in the Vail Valley, we love it so much, that one night is not nearly enough and we spread it out over 2 or 3 days or even a whole week! Enjoy the spooky spirit in Minturn, Vail, and Edwards and down valley. Grab your monster garb and your vampire teeth and let the festivities begin, here are all the valley’s Halloween happenings. Check back often because this list will be updated as more events are added.

  • photo of kids dressed up in Halloween costumes

    Warm Halloween Costumes-10 Hot Disguises

    The 10 Best Halloween costumes for kids and adult to keep you cozy and comfortable while trick or treating. In Vail, Colorado even if the day is sunny and warm, once the sun goes down, the temperature drops and a chilly wind picks up and it’s even known to snow!. This all lends itself to the spooky, scary atmosphere that we love about Halloween but it doesn’t help keep me warm if I am dressed as a skimpy, sexy devil. My husband never gets cold, but my son and I do, and if we get too cold we stop trick or treating and then I have to hear about how…

  • Photo of a ballerinas dancing in a performance

    Vail Events Calendar Summer 2019

    A  complete calendar of all the Vail Colorado summer events and weekly activities. Use this guide to find all of your favorite summer upcoming  events. Vail, Colorado comes alive during the summer with an incredible array of events.  Please use this list to make the most of your trip to Vail, Colorado or as a way to plan when to come because of these amazing and super-fun events.