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    2019 Best Dog Joring Equipment

    When the snow begins to fall and the temperature drops, try a new outdoor adventure with your dog and go winter DOG JORING! Dog joring is skiing or snowboarding while being pulled by a canine. Any medium to large, active dog that loves to run will enjoy this activity and it’s a great way to bond with your favorite four-legged friend. If you have been thinking about dog joring, check out these tips and suggested dog joring equipment to get you started safely and quickly with all the right tools. Have fun!

  • Dog Sled

    Dog Sledding in Vail Colorado

    Dog sledding in Vail, Colorado is a truly magical, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Feel the rush of the sled and powerful pull of the team of Huskies as you glide through hushed Aspen glades and beautiful, snowy, rolling meadows with breathtaking views. Here is a list of local dogsled companies, complete with videos, that operate in and around Vail.

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    Winter Horse Riding Apparel for You and Your Horse

    Here in Colorado, winter can be an amazing time to go horseback riding, whether on a snowy trail or an indoor arena. But when the temperature begins to drop, the cold can make it really hard to get motivated to get out on your horse. Here is a list of awesome winter horseback riding gear that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what winter throws at you.

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    2019 Skijoring Leadville CO – a Rodeo on Skis

    Colorado loves its extreme winter sports, we huck ourselves off rocks and cliffs into the snow at high rates of speed, we paddle down Class IV rivers in tiny plastic boats and we hike up huge 14er’s winter and summer. So it should come as no surprise that we should embrace the crazy sport of Skijoring, which is part rodeo, part ski race and part NASCAR.

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    Winter Dog Coats – 2019 Top Rated Dog Coats

    Check out this list of Top Rated Winter Dog coats to keep your tail-wagger warm and dry during the cold months. It goes without saying that we get LOTS of snow in Vail, Colorado. Lots of snow and cold make for great skiing and snowboarding but not so great for your best fur friend. When it gets really cold and snowy, unless your dog is an Alaskan Husky, they are going to need some extra protection from the elements. Keep your dog cozy and snug on days at the dog park or long snowshoe hikes in the mountains with this list of premium dog coats made just for cold conditions.

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    Vail Hotels-Pet Friendly Hotels in Vail Colorado

    Traveling with your dog to the world-class ski resort of Vail can be tricky, we have compiled a list of dog-friendly hotels complete with videos of each hotel to make it easier.  Please make sure you contact each resort directly as most hotels only have a few dedicated dog-friendly rooms and you need to insure they are available and that you can reserve them.

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    Rubber Dog Toys-2019 Best Toys for Fido

    Check out this list of the year’s BEST, indestructible doggie toys for your favorite tail-waggin’ friend. Like most places, we love our dogs here in the Vail valley and dedicate a lot of space for dog parks and trails where we can take them. When you head outdoors don’t forget to bring some GREAT toys to really tire your four-legged friend out and keep them entertained on the walk or at the park. Here is a list of the Best Rubber Dog Toys to keep your dog raring to go! These doggie toys are durable, fun and dog tested to be awesome!

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    Vail Dog Parks -Dog Friendly Parks & Trails

    Bring your pooch to play at these local dog parks and dog-friendly trails in the Vail Valley.¬†Including off-leash and leash areas. We all love our fur babies and want the best for them, and in Vail, Colorado we know that life is better when your dogs (and your kids for that matter) are tired out from a fun day of exercising. Dogs that hike, walk, play Frisbee and run around are less likely to: chew your shoes, eat the couch pillows, go through the trash or do any of the other hundreds of destructive things that dogs do when they are bored and want your attention. The solution? Take them…