• Adventure touring motorcycle

    Best Adventure Touring Motorcycle Accessories

    Motorcycle touring adventures in Colorado are big, bold and beautiful. These routes boast breathtaking views, winding treacherous roads, steep drops, falling rocks, inclement weather, unpredictable wildlife and many, many more unforeseen challenges but, it also promises a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you will never forget.

  • Close-up of a golf grip

    Best Golf Grips for Seniors (for Pain-Free Play)

    Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about golf grips for seniors helpful. The Vail Valley in Colorado, is home to lots of full time retirees as well as, second homeowners that love to spend their days at the golf course. If your older, and suffering from arthritis, hand fatigue, weak grip or a further disability, check out these golf grips that promise to make golfing more comfortable, enjoyable and hopefully pain-free.

  • illumination of a saint

    Patron Saint of the Outdoors-Saint Medals for Adventure

    Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about Patron Saints of the Outdoors helpful in choosing the perfect saint medal for you. Wearing a saint medal of your chosen holy protector is a wonderful reminder of devotion to your saint and the outdoor activities you love. If your saint medal is blessed by a priest, it is believed to offer protection, divine intervention and/or guidance when you participate in these outdoor activities.

  • outdoors couple with faces together laughing

    Cool Gifts for Outdoorsmen-10 Gifts they will Love

    Here are some cool gifts for the outdoorsmen or outdoors women in your life. These ten innovative gift ideas are designed to enhance your favorite peoples’ outdoor adventures. These indispensable and useful suggestions make perfect Valentine’s Day, Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, birthday and holiday gifts.

  • photo of a stethescope

    High Altitude Sickness Remedies

    Altitude sickness is very real and affects  between 15-40% of visitors in Colorado sleeping above 8,000 feet.  Altitude sickness can be up to 72 hours of debilitating symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness and loss of appetite. If you start drinking water a day or two before you reach altitude in concert with some of these listed remedies you should feel right as rain up at altitude. Remember if symptoms become severe or last longer than 72 hours contact a doctor, altitude sickness should be taken seriously.

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    Mensa Crossword Puzzle-10 Challenging Books

    You do not need to be a member of Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society, to enjoy these Mensa-sanctioned crossword puzzles.  The format of all of these books is a compact, high-quality spiral binding that lies perfectly flat Whether you’re looking for fun, challenging or cranium crushing you will find a book perfect for your abilities from this list.

  • photo of santa sack with toys

    10 Gifts to Keep Kids Active in Winter

    It can be hard to keep your kiddos entertained and get them outside once the snow flies and the temperature drops. Here are 10 great holiday gift ideas to keep kids active and looking forward to winter. This list includes sleds, ride-on excavators, igloo builders, snowball launchers, snowman decorations, snow tubes and more.  Have fun and GET OUTSIDE!

  • photo of a rustic holiday gift with pinecone

    OMG! The 13 Best VAIL Holiday Gifts Ever!

    The holidays are just around the corner and before you know it you will be scrambling for the perfect gift for all the special people in your life. For the people in your life who LOVE Vail, Colorado we have some truly special gift ideas for you. These gifts are meant to evoke the very best of this favorite Colorado ski town and will be a treasured keepsake by those who live in Vail, long-time locals, those who have made Vail their home but have had to move away, second-home owners, hard-core skiers, snowboarders and everyone who loves this unique mountain town with it’s big time charms.

  • snowboarder in the powder

    The Ultimate Guide To VAIL SNOWBOARD RENTALS

    Vail snowboard rentals are perfect for the beginner that doesn’t know which snowboard to buy or the advanced snowboarder that doesn’t want the hassle of traveling with a snowboard. Renting a snowboard can be very convenient, you avoid lugging heavy, bulky bags, and paying for excess baggage charges. Renting a snowboard also allows you to choose a board that is best suited for the snow and slope conditions of a particular mountain on the particular day you need it. Lastly, it is a great way to sample the newest boards out there each season.

  • photo of smoke

    Gift Ideas for Pot Smokers-Colorado Style

    Finding the right gift for your favorite pot smoker or medical marijuana user is not always easy. Here in Colorado, where pot has been legalized, pot lovers have come together to create some really interesting items for gift-giving including fun T-shirts, elegant illustrations, artistic tapestries, scientific decals, must-have weed smoking tools, mugs, knowledgeable books and tons more.