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    Best Ice Skates for Kids

    Kids and ice skating go hand in hand.  There is nothing more thrilling then gliding across the ice with family and friends and getting up the courage to try a trick, like a skate stop, backwards skate, or even a dare-I-say, JUMP. Bundled up in warm winter clothes, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the season with your new skates laced up tight. But how do you get your kids started on this journey and what is the best ice skates for them to learn and advance?

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    Vail Ice Skating

    Ice Skating is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and is a fantastic way to take advantage of the long, cold winter months.  Experience gliding effortlessly on the ice, bonfires blazing, drinking steaming hot chocolate while having a ball with family and friends, and watching your kids as they discover the delight of lacing up skates for the very first time.  Vail, Colorado  has no shortage of incredible skating rinks that are fabulous, each offering it’s own unique style and amenities. So when you are ready to take a day off from the slopes or looking for little more fun after a day on the slopes, look no further then…