• Dog Sled

    Dog Sledding in Vail Colorado

    Dog sledding in Vail, Colorado is a truly magical, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Feel the rush of the sled and powerful pull of the team of Huskies as you glide through hushed Aspen glades and beautiful, snowy, rolling meadows with breathtaking views. Here is a list of local dogsled companies, complete with videos, that operate in and around Vail.

  • bible

    Churches in Vail Co-Worship Services in the Vail Valley

    All of Colorado sometimes seems like God’s temple with its rising mountains, never-ending blue skies, pristine blankets of snow, breathtaking views and quiet forest cathedrals.  But when you are looking for inspiration, support, and connection in community, look no further than these wonderful local churches, synagogues and worship services to reconnect with God.

  • photo of a fly rod, fly fishing flies and a book about flies

    Best Winter Flies for Trout-on Colorado Rivers

    Winter fly-fishing on Colorado”s rivers and streams can be challenging and rewarding. Use these best winter flies for Colorado rivers to catch those finicky trout waiting down below. These flies are all recommended by local river guides and have been tested time and time again to entice even the most lethargic of winter trout. Make sure these are in your fly box for a successful day on the river this winter.

  • man fly fishing on a river in the winter

    Best Winter Fly Fishing Gear

    Winter Fly Fishing, especially in Colorado can be very demanding. It is a certain type of person who ventures out to wade in an icy river on a gray, cold day trying to tease slow moving trout to strike. The right winter fly-fishing gear will help this adventurous soul have a fun day casting while staying warm, dry and encouraged.

  • man in winter jacket holding trout

    Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado

    Winter fly-fishing in Colorado offers unique challenges for the adventurous angler, and it can offer great rewards for those who really want to up their game and hone their skills. Certainly, winter fly-fishing is not for everyone but it is perfect for the patient angler willing to wear a few extra layers while enjoying a spectacular day on the river. Take a day off from the bustling ski slopes to cast a line into the frosty waters of Colorado.

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    Winter Horse Riding Apparel for You and Your Horse

    Here in Colorado, winter can be an amazing time to go horseback riding, whether on a snowy trail or an indoor arena. But when the temperature begins to drop, the cold can make it really hard to get motivated to get out on your horse. Here is a list of awesome winter horseback riding gear that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what winter throws at you.

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    Winter Hiking Checklist – 20 Essentials

    Winter hiking is synonymous with Colorado.  Whether hiking to ski untracked powder, trekking in a National Park for stunning snow-capped views,  an overnight trip to a remote yurt or cabin with family and friends or a demanding multi-day hike on the 10th Mountain Division Vail to Aspen, hut-to-hut trail system, there are a lot of winter hiking options here but what do you need for an adventure like this?