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    Beaver Creek Snowshoeing & 2019 Snowshoe Series

    Beaver Creek, Colorado is a world-class ski resort but it also offers tons of fabulous snowshoeing and an amazing annual snowshoe series that is fun whether you participate as a competitor or are just setting your own pace. If you like sports, particularly running, than you’re going to love snowshoeing. It’s easy to learn, poses little risk of injury and is a great way to get exercise. A 3-hour hike in deep snow can burn over 1,500 calories according to Fitbit.

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    2019 Top Rated Snowshoes-Best for Trail or Backcountry

    Snowshoeing is an amazing sport. Beautiful, snow covered peaks, dense evergreen stands and sun-dappled snow fields all lend itself to a memorable day in the mountains. Snowshoeing, like most things, can either be very relaxing, super-technical or very competitive and your equipment works best when it is a reflection of the type of snowshoeing you prefer. Use this list to find the best, top-rated snowshoes for you.

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    10 Reasons to Love Snowshoeing in Vail

    Complete, detailed information on Snowshoe Trails in the Vail Valley and where to rent snowshoes so you can get in on the fun. Snowshoeing in Vail is amazing. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful snowy surroundings with your family, your friends and even your dog! Snowshoeing is so different from skiing, it is so quiet, so still, so peaceful and best of all, you are usually by yourself or with just a few important people enjoying this winter wonderland. Here is a list of many of the great places to snowshoe throughout the Vail Valley. These trails are fantastic, so get out there and don’t forget your…