10th Mountain Division Hut Association

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Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division Hut System

The 10th Mountain Division Hut Association is a non-profit organization that has been managing this iconic and extensive Colorado ski hut system since the early 1980’s. The huts are situated on a trail with closely spaced huts, all accessible via intermediate ski touring trails and allows for perfect ski touring or thru-hiking between Vail and Aspen.

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There is a total of 12 huts owned by 10th Mountain but they are also currently the source for all other central Colorado hut reservations, and book over 30 huts; both privately owned and operated by other hut systems. Their website offers detailed information on each hut and the ability to book a reservation.

They break down the individual amenities for each hut so you can compare and find which one will suit your needs best. They offer planning for winter and summer trips so you know what to expect and what to bring with you. Their interactive map makes it easy to locate any hut, find out information about the hut and book, all on-line.

Hut trips are an amazing, affordable, outdoor Colorado experience. And like hiking Colorado majestic 14’ers, there’s a long list of huts that can be checked off, so get planning.

This is a great activity for the whole family and groups!

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Great Resource to Plan a Colorado Hut Trip Winter or Summer
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