All Points North Lodge

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All Points North Lodge is a beautiful 77,000 square foot lodge located in Cordillera, CO that offers addiction treatment to clients struggling with substance use disorders and process addictions. Programs for treatment are available at outpatient, intensive outpatient, PHP, and residential levels. They offer trauma treatment designed for those with addictions and those without. All-male and all-female programs are available for gender-specific treatment. Trauma–integrated care allows their clinicians to address emotional dysregulation, negative beliefs about self, poor relationships with others and dysfunctional behaviors (including addictions) through the lens of trauma.

Online therapy options for IOP and outpatient sessions are available to support and guide you without requiring you to travel to their campus. They also partner with existing therapists, physicians, or health providers in your world to form one cohesive unit working together to propel you forward.

A Comprehensive Residental Treatment Facility for Addiction
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