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This website was created to connect people with the unique  mountain lifestyle of Vail, Colorado whether they live in the city, the suburbs or the flattest stretches of the Kansas prairie.  We love outdoor activities and spend most of our days skiing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing or rafting.  We work hard too, but it always plays second fiddle to fun. Not only do we love to participate in these adventures but we love to share these activities and to introduce people to them so they can have fun and enjoy life too.

My name is Heather Bruce and I have lived in Vail for more than 25 years. I am married to a wonderful man and we are raising our son in this mountain Shangri-la.

I spent many years skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, camping, horseback riding, paddle boarding, golfing and biking. I have spent way to much money figuring out the best equipment and products to make these outdoor adventures safe and fun.

I have also worked at WhatToDo Magazine-Vail Valley for over 15 years.  This is a seasonal guidebook, printed twice a year that details all the activities in the Vail Valley.  I love this job, it has given me a deep, personal knowledge of almost every local business in town.  I know their services, their products, the discounts they offer, and how long they have been in business.

In the past, I owned a horse-drawn carriage company that gave tours through Vail Village and delivered  brides to their storybook wedding. I loved those big draft horses and I enjoyed hours of meandering through the streets of Vail listening to the clip-clop of their hooves on the cobblestones.

In addition, I have worked almost every conceivable job in the Vail valley; waitress, selling ski tickets, bar maid, wrangler, river shuttle driver, gallery salesperson, marketing manager, retail sales, housekeeping and a few more I would like to forget.

I am getting older now and slowing down, but I still love outdoor adventures and I want to share what I know about Vail and its wonderful activities to anyone who is interested. Because of my past experiences, I  am uniquely qualified to share many of my favorite Vail Valley secrets.   From the best places to go, to the best local outfitters and guides and of course,  for the right gear and the best products for all of these demanding adventures.

Although my information about the places, activities and events in Vail are all location-specific all of my product reviews will help you excel at your chosen adventure whether you are in Vail or anywhere else in the world.

I invite you to come and discover all that Vail, Colorado has to offer and make your life an adventure.


All the best,

Heather Bruce

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