• Disc golf discs

    Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs – Starter Sets

    Welcome to the wonderful world of disc golf, where players throw a plastic disc (or Frisbee) at a series of metal baskets situated along an outdoor course, and the object of the game is to complete the course in the fewest possible throws. If you have already played, you know how exciting and addicting this game can be, if this is your first time, get ready to have some fun and know that you will want to play again and again.

  • person playing disc golf

    Vail Valley Disc Golf Courses & Tournaments

    Disc golf is a popular activity that seems like it was custom-made for the Colorado mountains.  Vail Valley disc golf  courses get you outdoors on beautiful, natural courses, hiking from hole to hole, with a quiver of lightweight discs.  You will enjoy breathtaking scenery and lovely weather while trying to avoid obstacles like trees, rocks and rivers to sink the disc into the target. These disc golf courses are the perfect destination for the outdoor enthusiasts looking to have fun.

  • Woman playing pickleball wearing visor

    10 Best Pickleball Visors (for Women)

    A good visor can make all the difference to your pickleball game. It should shield your face and eyes from the sun while keeping sweat out of your eyes so you can focus on the game. It should be lightweight and comfortable so it’s not distracting. Step up your game with these great visor choices.

  • Best Pickleball Racquets

    Best Pickleball Racquets of 2019

    Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, including here in Vail, Colorado. As the game matures, pickleball paddles continue to improve and incorporate new, innovative technological advances to improve your game. Use this list to find the best pickleball racquets for you, based on your ability and style of play.

  • Person Playing Pickleball

    Where to Play Pickleball in Vail Colorado

    Welcome to ThinkVail! We hope you find this article about where to play pickleball in Vail, Colorado helpful. Pickleball is the fun, popular, new racquet sport that is taking Colorado, and the rest of the country by storm. It is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and everybody is giving it a try.

  • woman wearing sunglasses

    Best Dark Polarized Sunglasses for Women

    If you love outdoor sports then polarized glasses are for you. Especially in places like here, in Vail Colorado where you want to perform your best whether on the snow, on the water, or while running, biking, golfing and driving, polarized sunglasses are a necessity.

  • photo of man paddle boarding

    Top Rated Paddle Boards -Top 10 List for 2019

    Here in the Vail Valley in Colorado, we love to get in the water, whether it’s rafting, kayaking, fly-fishing or of course, the newest activity; stand-up paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is perfect for those seeking new adventure, tranquility, personal challenge and a deeper connection to nature. Here is a list of the Top-Rated Paddle Boards and information on how to make the right choice for you.

  • Girl sunbathing

    2019 Top Rated Spray Sunscreens

    Are you getting ready to take advantage of the long days of summer or maybe hit the sunny slopes of a high altitude ski resort this winter? Whatever your destination, make sure you’re armed with one of these top rated spray sunscreens for easy, convenient sun protection all day long.

  • Insulated picnic basket

    2019 Best Insulated Picnic Baskets

    Check out this list of the years’ best insulated picnic baskets. These are great solutions and are exactly what you need for a day outside whether you are going to a concert, the park, the beach, a farmers’ market, taking a road trip, a bike ride, a hike or any other way that gets you outside with family and friends while enjoying delicious seasonal foods and beverages.

  • Lovely picnic setting

    Best Places to Picnic in the Vail Valley

    The long, snowy days of winter have passed and summer begins to beckon. It’s time to grab the picnic basket, a bottle of wine, some delicious snacks, cheese, crackers, sandwiches, fresh fruit and any other must-have items and go off into nature to enjoy a big, beautiful picnic with the people you love.