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Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about pink ski clothes and accessories helpful for your next Kick Cancer’s Butt event.

If you are heading out to Pink Vail or another Ski for the Cure event taking place this winter, make sure you go all out, on an outrageous pink costume with lots of accessories. Have fun with it! Here is a collection of pink leggings, tutus, gloves, boot covers, helmet decorations, snow pants, ski suits, ski helmets and more, all to help you dress up, have fun and kick Cancer’s butt.

Worldwide, Ski for the Cure events bring awareness and needed donations to bear on this terrible disease and each event brings us that much closer to a cure. Come be a part of the solution, while having the time of your life with friends and family. Years ago, the Pink Ribbon was adopted as a way to show solidarity with women who were fighting breast cancer. Today, people dress in pink at these events, for the same reason, and to insure they have a zany, wacky, unforgettable adventure while skiing or snowboarding, all for a good cause.



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Pink Ski Clothes & Fun Accessories

Mous One Pink One-Piece Ski Suit

Get ready to have some fun in this one-piece, hot-pink ski suit. Bright color means you are easy to spot on the mountain, so your friends and family can easily find you, after you leave them in the dust (or a powder skid). This super fun, super casual ski outfit is sure to be a head-turner, but it is also tough, waterproof and has lots of features to keep you dry and comfortable while making turns!

  • Coated fabric has anti-static function, to prevent static electricity.
  • One-piece design has a horizontal zipper opening at back of the waist to easily and quickly undress, if needed. Think “Call of Nature”.
  • Hood, cuff and bottom are easily adjusted by Velcro fasteners for a customized fit and to keep the snow and wind out.
  • Constructed to withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Under-arm zippered vents allow temperature control during warmer conditions and ensure that you never feel too hot or too cold while on the mountain. Just unzip them if you get too warm.
  • Waterproof and Breathable: Designed to keep you warm and dry on the mountain. With a built-in hidden storm hood, double reinforced seams and waterproof external fabric, this suit is as functional as it is stylish.
  • Top of the placket zipper has a shield, to prevent rubbing the chin. Snap and zipper at placket, are double protection. These are thoughtful details that will make your ski day so much more enjoyable


Smith Optics Holt Pink Ski Helmet

Let your spirit shine through with this PINK ski helmet by Smith. Smith is a leader in the ski industry and bring their innovation and attention to detail to their ski helmets. This is amazingly popular helmet that will keep you in the pink while keeping your noodle safe.

  • Constructed with a thick, tough ABS plastic outer shell that is adhered to a pre-moulded hard foam interior and liner to offer great protection and bomber construction.
  • Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN107 means it meets United States and European safety standards.
  • 14 vents on the front, top, and back of the helmet keeps you comfortable no matter the weather or temps.
  • Precise fit of Smith goggles and helmet eliminates “gaper gap”, the air that can get in between a mismatched goggle and helmet, which can be kind of annoying.
  • Removable Goggle Lock on the back of the helmet keeps your googles secure
  • Audio-compatible ear pads will keep your favorite beats pumping while bombing down the slopes. Skullcandy Audio Systems available.
  • Convertible Kit Included for All-Season Helmet Use, means with a little tinkering you can take your helmet from the slopes to the skate park and still be safe with Hard Shell ABS technology protecting you brain.
  • Unisex; comes in a variety of sizes for men and women
  • This helmet does not have a size adjusting dial. It does have inner side tabs underneath the padding for minimal adjustments.


Pink Snow Pants

These are great snow pants whether you are at Pink Vail, Skiing for a Cure or just want to hit the slopes in something cool and unique. With their good construction and smart features these Arctix snow pants have you covered, no matter what color you choose. Click on the image to see these snow pants in PINK!

  • These pants offer multi layer construction that includes:
    • a wind and water resistant outer shell
    • a breathable, moisture wicking material
    • 85 grams of ThermaTech lightweight, heat trapping insulation
  • You can adjust the elastic waist with large, secure Velcro fasteners for a comfortable fit regardless of how many layers you wear.
  • Reinforced ankle, scuff and hem guards make the pants extremely durable against daily wear and tear
  • Boot zippers make it so easy to get these pants on over ski boots or snowboard boots.
  • Boot gaiters with grippers are great to keep snow out of your boots and keep you warm and dry
  • Zippered pockets to hold wallet, keys or tools.
  • Machine washable makes these snow pants easy to care for.
  • Available in Pink, Black, White,Fuschia, Melon,Blue, Green and others



Pink Thermal Underwear

So if you find yourself on a warm, sunny day on the mountain in March, chances are it is going to be warm and you are going to want to take your jacket off because it is just too warm. If you are wearing this super cute pink long underwear set you will still be super stylish and if you are skiing to cure Cancer you will still be color appropriate. Click on the image to see this set in PINK!

  • 92% Ultra-Soft Polyester 8% Spandex
  • 2 Piece women thermal set is ultra soft, warm and comfortable.
  • The four way stretch material ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Available in a variety of colors: Black, Pink, Grey, Pistachio Green, Charcoal, White, Turquoise, Purple, Burgundy & Bronze



Pink Ski Gloves

Maybe you are not quite ready to do the whole pink ski wardrobe assemble but just want a pop of color. These gloves are perfect for when you want to add your favorite color, but not go over the top. These Best Sellers will keep your hands warm and dry no matter the conditions while making sure your personality still shines through! Click on the image of the Gloves to see what they look like in PINK!

  • Elastic with hook and loop strap closure keeps gloves on your hand while keeping out snow and wind.
  • Ideal for lowest temperature days of the season. These gloves love to work on the coldest days.
  • Perfect for skiing and snowboarding or any other moderate, outdoor activity
  • Waterproof with added insulation keeps you warm and dry. Perfect for keeping fingers dry if submerged into wet snow
  • Good palm and finger grip means it’s easy to grip poles or strap into snowboard bindings.
  • Available in Neon Pink, Pink Pattern and Black




Pink Ski Jacket

This pink ski & snowboard jacket is cute and girlie but also tough and durable, just like YOU! It will make sure you are seen on the slopes and it is very unique and memorable. Perfect if you ski in a group and want to stand out. So if you’re looking for a cool fashion statement, you have found it! Click on the image of the jacket to see it in PINK!

  • Water repellent coated jacket has a fuzzy lining and offers awesome heat retention and is quick drying
  • Tons of amazing windproof features to keep you warm and dry including:
  • Adjustable cuffs with Velcro fasteners
  • Stretchable glove with thumb hole
  • Inside windproof snap powder skirt
  • Internal drawcord hem
  • Detachable and adjustable storm hood
  • Lots of pockets: 2 zippered hand pockets, 1 zippered chest pocket, 1 internal pocket, 1 internal secure media pocket.
  • An earphone line fastening and supporting fixture inside the jacket.



Pink Tutu

Nothing says “I want to kick Cancer’s butt” like wearing a pink tutu. Whether on a woman or a secure man, it sends the same tough, yet hysterical message. Pink Vail, the biggest ski day in the world to cure Cancer sees lots and lots of pink tutus. They are almost a requirement of the event, so have fun with it!

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • 3 or 4-Layered ballet tulle tutu skirt
  • Satin-lined waistband is elastic and stretches to fit a wide range of waist sizes from 21″-50″; Length 16″
  • Available in a variety of colors and some with rhinestones.



Helmet Mohawk

If you are ready to get really crazy on the slopes, look no further than the fluorescent hot pink helmet Mohawk. A super fun way to show your character and be more visible on the slopes or in any crowded area. Fits on any helmet not just ski and snowboard helmets and available in a ton of different colors.

  • Fast and Easy Installation with Sticky Adhesive Hook and Loop Fastener



Pink Pigtails for Helmets

Perfect for men and women – pink pigtails that can be added safely to your helmet but look AWESOME! If you really want to turn some heads, these will do it. Just attach the pigtails onto your helmet wherever seems appropriate. Get ready for some compliments, because you will be brightening everybody’s day.

  • 2 pigtails per package
  • Made in USA
  • Uses suction cups on most helmets but will also work on matte helmets with kit provided.
  • Pigtail is 12″ long
  • Available in Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Green and Blonde



Pink Furry Boot Cover Fluffies

OK, so no outrageous pink ski costume would be complete without a pair of crazy, hot pink, fluffy boot covers. You are going to want these because, these make a statement- a HUGE statement! These super fun, eye-catching fluffies are so silly and they will just slip over your ski boot or snowboard boot. Elastic stretches to 15″.

  • Hand-made in the USA
  • High quality
  • 100% vegan faux fur
  • Elastic stretches From 10.5″ – 15″
  • Overall length of fluffies is: 18″




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Check out other peoples’ outrageous pink ski costumes at this past Pink Vail-Ski for a Cure event. Enjoy!


What is your favorite article of pink ski clothes and your favorite pink ski accessory?  Have you ever worn anything pink to a ski to cure Cancer charity event? What was the silliest pink costume you have ever seen? We would love to know your thoughts and comments.


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  • I have been looking for the perfect PINK ski jacket forever!  I love the Wantdo jacket, it looks amazing and the price is very reasonable. I thinks this is the one for me! Thanks for tracking down all of these super cute pink ski clothes, it is so hard to find gear in this color.

    • Hi Nuttanee so glad you found something you liked!  Yes the Wantdo jacket is really cute, in vibrant pink.  It is also well-made, warm, waterproof, wind resistant with A LOT of cool features and it is perfect for a day on the slopes. You are going to love this ski jacket!

  • Thanks so much for this list of pink ski clothes.  I am a snowboarder and a girl and I rock on my board.  One of my favorite things to do is to blast by a pack of guys going mach five while wearing girlie colors.  It's pretty fun seeing their expressions!  I love the idea of a pink helmet and I trust the Smith brand and love the fact that I can include audio for tunes.  Thanks for the great pink ideas!

    • You go, girlfriend! Have fun out their on the slopes, and be safe!  Glad we could help you find some cool pink snowboard gear!  The Smith Helmet is a great helmet, just remember that you cannot adjust the helmet with a dial, like some other helmets, so make sure the helmet fits you correctly when you receive it It does have inner side tabs underneath the padding for minimal adjustments. If it doesn't fit send back right away for the correct size. And check out the Smith helmet sizing chart when ordering. If you want to see some other great helmets check out this  post the Years Top Rated Ski Helmets

  • So happy I found your article about Pink Ski Clothes! I am heading to the second annual Pink Park City Cancer Event held by the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. The super-fun, all-day event is swamped by hundreds of skiers in over-the-top crazy, PINK costumes, lots of deck parties, prizes, and live music. I did not attend last year, only heard about it, but this year I am going, and since I am a man, who does not have a lot of pink items in my closet, I need a bunch of fun Pink ski and costume items.  I loved this list.  I am going to get the bright pink mohawk for my ski helmet and of course a pink tutu and the pink ski boot fluffies!  Thank you so much for making it soooooo easy to find these items, I would have had no idea where to look without your help.

    • Thanks for your kind words Erick and so happy to be able to help.  The event in Park City, Utah sounds amazing, a lot like our Pink Vail event.  The pink fluffy boot covers are so FUN!  You will also love the Pink Fluorescent Mohawk and you will fit right on in with all the zaniness.  Ski for a Cure events are awesome events for a great cause.  I love the idea of celebrating and supporting those who are fighting Cancer and I hope someday we can truly Kick Cancer's butt.

  • Hello although I love your pink ski clothes and fun accessories, don't forget that Pink Vail is a Cancer event for all Cancers.  It is not just for breast cancer so if you know somebody suffering from a different type of cancer feel free to wear that color to support them and their fight.

    • Great point, Saint Matthew this event and many other Pink Ski to Cure Cancer Events want you to support the fight against breast cancer and ALL cancers out there. Although, the Pink Color of breast cancer is the most widely recognized color, here are some of the others:

      Lung cancer: white. / Brain cancer: grey. / Liver cancer: emerald green / Lymphoma: lime green / Prostate cancer: light blue / Stomach cancer: periwinkle blue/ Bone cancer: yellow.

  • Hi I am skiing with a group of friends for a Cancer event in the east.  One of my best friends has been recently diagnosed with cancer and we are going to support her.  This event does not usually dress up much but I would like to dial it up a notch and bring more awareness to this event, and I think people dressing i pink would certainly do this.  Great ideas for pink ski clothes and other fun accessories and thanks for making it easy to buy them right from your post.

    • Hi Tommy, I commend you for trying to bring more awareness to this terrible disease at your local event.  Yes, pink is certainly eye catching and people take notice.  Some other ideas that I have seen at the Vail Ski-for-Charity event that are lots of fun are: Pink superhero capes, pink afro wigs, pink leis, pink ear muffs, pink sunglasses and pink feather boas, pink leggins, and pink top hats.  Hopefully this will give you some more ideas to dress up your event!

  • Great list of pink ski clothes and pink ski accessories. I volunteer every year at Pink Vail and every year I have about a thousand people ask me where to get the fun, zany pink clothes, jackets, tutus boas, wigs, super-hero capes and fuzzy leg warmers that they see everybody wearing.  Up until now I did not have a good answer but now I will tell them to go to ThinkVail and look for this list.  Love that it links right to Amazon so it makes purchasing a breeze. I will definitely bookmark your site for reference!

    • So happy to be able to help. Thank you so much for volunteering your time to support the Pink Vail event and its wonderful cause.

  • I was searching for Ski Suit for women and I landed here. Actually, I want to purchase a ski suit as a gift for my wife as she loves skiing, but she is always cold. Happily, pink is her favorite color, so I think " the Mous One Pink One-Piece Ski Suit" is going to be a fantastic gift for her. Is it warm?

    • Hi Deraj, so happy we could help you find the perfect pink ski clothing gift!  Yes if your wife loves the color pink and wants to be warm on the slopes this is the way to go.  Once you have the Mous One Ski Suit on, there is really no way for cold air or snow to get in to get you cold because you have removed the drafty gap between your jacket and pants. This is such a fun,hip suit I think she will love it!


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