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There are a TON of amazing Vail mountain biking trails in the Vail Valley. From the iconic single track trails of Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek to the hidden gems of Minturn and Eagle Vail and the new mountain bike utopia of Eagle, Colorado. Bike riding is the perfect way to explore the new areas. It combines speed and a sense of adventure with the ability to go further and faster than you can just walking or hiking.

By riding a bike you can span entire mountains, from top to bottom and ridge line to ridge line while taking in an array of breathtaking views along the way.



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Vail Mountain Biking Trails

Enjoy mountain biking on Vail Mountain (where everyone skis in the winter) and on the valley floor.  All areas offer amazing mountain biking with miles of fun, scenic trails that span the gamut from beginner to expert.

Mountain bikes trails on Vail Mountain are accessible via the Eagle Bahn Gondola in Lionshead and Gondola One in Vail Village. In order to ride the gondolas up the mountain you will need to purchase a day pass, or you can ride up the mountain, which is more work, but is free.

Vail Mountain bike trails are fun for families, first-timers, expert riders, and everyone in between.  No matter your ability, it promises adventure, challenge, beautiful views and tons of fun! Just remember to always wear a bike helmet when mountain biking, as serious injuries can occur if your noodle’s not protected.

Bike Hauls

If you are not up for the challenge (and work) of pedaling up a really steep mountain, then a bike haul is just what you need. You and your bike ride the Gondola up to the top of the mountain. It is a short ride, only about 12 minutes and it offers SPECTACULAR views! When you get to the top, you can enjoy all the fun of a really long, downward descent. You can ride the gondola as many times as you want in a day and at the top there are restaurants and other activities to entertain you.

If you plan to bike multiple days, ask about the 7-day bike haul pass. If you are a local and plan to ride a lot, check out the season bike haul pass.

Vail Mountain Bike Trail Map

Vail Mountain is huge, and it is important to know where you are and where you’re going and to make sure you are on a bike trail that is appropriate for your ability. If your a beginner, heading down a double black diamond trail, you are not going to be having a whole lot of fun.

Use the map below to find the perfect trails for you and your family. Remember green is beginner, blue is intermediate and black is for experts and can be very difficult and technical.

Vail Summer Mountain Bike Trail Map

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

If you’re not comfortable going it alone, you may want to look at a guided mountain bike tour. This is a great way to explore the mountain with an experienced guide. Your guide will show you how to navigate down Vail Mountain’s network of mountain bikes trails and you’ll never have to worry about getting lost. Guides are also available at Beaver Creek.

Mountain Bike Trails in Vail, CO

Grand Traverse Vail Mountain’s signature single track trail. It is 4.9 miles of beautiful views, and incredible terrain and spans the top of the mountain. You will feel like you are a million miles away from anything.

Main Vail Road 4-mile dirt road that is wide, and follows the ridge line of Vail Mountain. Take in views of the famous back bowls on one side of the mountain and the majestic Gore range that rises up on the other, it is stunning.

Radio Flyer is a freeride biking trail that is offers downhill ascent only. It descends 1,058 ft., flows beautifully and is a ton of fun to ride. Located on Vail mountain

Fred’s Lunch This 2.5 mile intermediate trail is not quite as steep as other trails on Vail Mountain.



Vail Pass Bike Path – An easy, paved trail from Vail to top of Vail Pass. If you just want to just go downhill and not up, you can hire a shuttle, this is a fun way to do this ride and it is perfect for all abilities and families.

Buffehr Creek – A difficult trail across I-70 from Vail Mountain, not for the faint of heart

Davos Hill Climb – Located in West Vail, Davos is a great workout and only moderately technical

North Trail Buffehr Creek to Red Sandstone – A popular section of the North Trail system that runs along the mountains to the north of Vail, with several trail heads and parallels the highway.

Red Sandstone Road – A 10-mile dirt road leading to Piney Lake, an amazing area that offers hiking, fishing, canoeing and a restaurant.

Son of Middle Creek – A more difficult section of the popular North Trail system.

Mountain Bike Trails at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is Vail’s sister mountain and it’s just 12 miles down the road and encompasses Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead ski areas. This bike-friendly destination hosts miles of rolling single-track trails for all abilities and incredible views of the surrounding area and best of all, it’s never crowded. There are 23 trails with a variety of climbs and descents that wind through pine forests, aspen groves, high alpine meadows and wildflower fields.

Village Loop Perfect for beginners, this short 1.7 mile trail, is a loop that begins and ends in Beaver Creek Village

Village-to-Village Trail This European style trail connects all three areas with a lovely, relatively flat, wooded 3-mile scenic trail. Stop and have lunch (or a cocktail) in one of the villages.

Dally This wide, multi-use dirt road is one of the longest trails on the mountain. An intermediate run that clocks in at nearly 5 miles and tracks the boundary of the resort.

Allie’s Way A beginner/intermediate single track trail that winds through beautiful aspen forests and gently climbs (or descends) across the mountain.

Paulie’s Plunge A local’s favorite, this advanced trail is a fun, steep descent through a beautiful Aspen forest and crosses a pretty creek to drop you in Eagle Vail.

Beaver Creek Recreation Path 2-mile paved bike path that goes from Beaver Creek Village down to the town of Avon and connects to the Eagle Valley Trail.



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Mountain Bike Trails in Eagle, Colorado

While you are in the area you have to check out neighboring Eagle, Colorado which is something of a Mecca to mountain bikers. Eagle boasts an extensive, unique trail network that has earned the notice and nod from both Outside and Bike magazines. With more than a hundred miles of single track trails, Eagle is sure to please even the most cynical cyclist. The varied terrain includes high desert, aspen glades and dense pine forests.

In addition, due to the fact that Eagle, is situated in the “Banana Belt” and has much milder weather than its neighbors Vail and Beaver Creek, it enjoys almost 4 more months of riding every year. Trails are open from April 15-December 15 every year!

The Boneyard  This local’s favorite trail takes you through exposed high desert scenery. A 3-mile, intermediate ride with a long steady climb to the top.

Riddle  A fun single track trail that twists through open sage meadow and then travels to the edge of a small mesa above Brush Creek Valley. From there ride down to Eagle Ranch or connect with the Mayer Gulch Trail.

Mayer Gulch This beginner/intermediate trail should be ridden as a descent and is part of the Eagle Ranch Loop trail system.

Haymaker  This trail was specifically created for the local high school race course and is directional. Ride counter clockwise.

LOV Connector  A 3-mile intermediate, single track trail that features a very distinct up and down route and great views.



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Mountain Bike Rentals

Are you visiting the area and want to try some of these amazing trails but don’t have a bike? No problem, there are many shops that rent mountain bikes and helmets. Some shops like Venture Sport will even deliver your rental bike to your home or hotel room and pick it up once your finished with it.

Other shops offer tours like the Vail Pass Tour, where they haul you, your family and your rental bikes to the top of Vail Pass and you can ride all the way down. Really fun and super convenient!

Bike rentals are a great way to try different bikes with the latest features and technology at a fraction of the cost of buying a bike. Cycling technology is always advancing, today’s bikes offer tons of suspension, superb climbing abilities, and new ergonomic comfort features for your whole body.

If you need to rent bikes while in the Vail valley check out these local bike rental stores

Local Mountain Bike Associations

If you’re a local who loves mountain biking and wants to help create and maintain bikes trails in the area, consider joining a local mountain bike association. These groups coordinate volunteer trail work, maintain existing trails, build new trails and lots more.  This is a great way to meet like-minded people while supporting a wonderful cause. Come and Adopt a Trail today!



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We hope you found this article about the best Vail mountain biking tours helpful. We have touched on some of our favorite local mountain bike trails but we would love to know which are your favorite please tell us about your experience in the comments below.

In addition, we diligently research all information for our articles but still we are probably leaving out something important or circumstances may have changed since publishing so please provide any tips or info that you feel others should know.

We would love to hear your thoughts, comments and stories.

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  • Thanks for the helpful article on Vail Mountain Biking Trails.  I am moving to Vail this summer after I graduate and am planning to start mountain biking.  I really appreciate all the areas you have included and I can't wait to get exploring.  Any ideas as where to purchase a bike and the equipment I need?  I am a newbie at this and could use any tips and advice to get me rolling.

    • Hi Ibrahim, so happy you will be relocating to the area, summer is a great time to move here! Yes there are lots of mountain bike stores here and they have amazing bikes and lots of knowledge.  Also check out the post Best Mountain Biking Gear for some must have biking items like shoes, pedals, helmets, gloves, hydration packs and clothing.

  • Great article about Vail Mountain Biking Trails.  I live in Denver and every summer we take a weekend and go to Vail for Mountain biking.  The trails on the ski mountain at both Vail and Beaver Creek are amazing.  I love the on-mountain trails at Vai  as there is also a ton of other activities that the family can do at the top of the mountain with Adventure Park, it is a full day of activities, make sure you wear your sunscreen!

    I have not ridden in Eagle, CO but I have heard lots of great talk about it recently and plan to spend a weekend there trying it out soon.  It definitely seems more laid back then Vail, but will still be an adventure. How far is Eagle from Vail, could we ride both in the same weekend?

    • Hi Dave, glad you enjoyed this post about Vail Mountain Bike Trails. And so excited you get up to our neck of the woods every summer!  Yes, you could ride in both areas over a long weekend.  Eagle, CO is only about 20 minutes west of Vail and it is an easy drive.  There is lots to do there, maybe not as convenient as all the activities on Vail Mountain but they do have a golf course, movie theater, restaurants, pool and tons and tons of awesome trails!

    • Thanks so much Tricia, yes Vail, Colorado should definitely be on the Bucket List it is a beautiful place full of activities and amazing adventures!


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