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Current estimates report that more than one in five Americans — 22.2 percent of the population, or approximately 52.1 million people — shot firearms in 2018 and the popularity of target practice just keeps growing. It is no different here in Colorado, shooting sports are one of the fastest growing year-round recreational pursuits for both men and women.

Most Colorado wildlife areas allow public shooting including US Forest Service lands and BLM lands. However, just because you can shoot somewhere doesn’t mean you should. Due to our local hilly, mountainous terrain, it is easy to accidentally shoot towards a hiking trail, camping area or a house that is not easily visible. To ensure your safety and the safety of others it is always recommended to shoot at a dedicated shooting area or facility.

A shooting range offers a safe, fun and specifically-designed area for firearm training, instruction, practice and is ideal for exciting shooting competitions but keep in mind that there are times when local ranges may need to close or ban shooting.

Here in Colorado,  it can get so dry in the summer that shooting firearms can (and have) start a forest fire.  ALWAYS be aware of the local fire danger and refrain from shooting when stage 2 or stage 3 fire restrictions are in effect because fire danger is at its highest.

Local shooting ranges can be indoor or outdoor, but most are outdoors. They generally offer practice and instruction for rifles and pistols with emphasis on shooting disciplines such as trap, skeet shooting or 5-stand. Outdoor gun ranges boast longer-distance shooting; up to or exceeding 1,200 yards. Some local gun ranges allow the use of high-power calibers, rifles, or fully automatic weapons but always inquire first before using.

No matter where you decide to shoot, always pack out what you brought in and clean up used brass, shotgun shells and other items to dispose of them properly.

Please enjoy firearms responsibly and considerately at all times.



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Shooting Ranges near Vail, CO

Sage Outdoor Adventures

Sage Outdoor Adventure’s Sporting Clay Base is located 7 miles north of Wolcott, Colorado and is approximately 45 minute drive from Vail. It offers a varietyof shooting challenges including Sporting Clays and 5-Stand with a variety of lesson times available throughout the day. Activities are all-inclusive (Gun, Ammo, Targets, Shooting Vest, Eye/Ear Protection)

Available Shooting Activities

  • Sporting Clays – a fun, challenging pastime invented by bird hunters in England to practice their shooting skills where they launched breakable targets into the air to shoot at. Today, sophisticated “trap” launchers throw biodegradable clay discs to mimic the flight of birds. The goal with Sporting Clays is to see who can hit the most clays. The “flight pattern” of each clay thrown is limitless. Some are easy to hit, some very hard.
  • 5 Stand – a wooden shooting platform with different “stations” for each shooter. Sage can accommodate up to 20 people at a time on the 5 stand, so its great for big parties. There are 9 trap machines throwing clays either singly or two at a time. They use this platform to teach new shooters gun safety, correct body movements and strategy for hitting flying targets!



The Vail Rod & Gun Club

Sharpen your shotgun gun skills and have a blast! The Vail Rod & Gun Club in Wolcott, CO offers both 5-stand and shooting-range and an instructor is on hand to give lessons or advice as needed. Located at 001 Sporting Clay Way Wolcott, CO

Available Shooting Activities

  • 5 Stand With 10 target presentations includes a hare, a chandelle and a wobble trap offering a great variety of target shots.
  • 100 Yard Rifle Range
  • 25 Yard Pistol Range


Gypsum Shooting Sports Park

The Gypsum Shooting Sports Park is available to all levels of shooting enthusiasts. The Eagle Valley Rod and Gun Club manages the Gypsum Shooting Park and attracts sportsmen from all over the region to use the facility for firearm education, shooting practice, and to participate in the many shooting events.

This public shooting-range can be enjoyed by both members and non-members. Non-members pay a $10 daily use range fee.

Available Shooting Activities

  • 5-Stand
  • Rifle Range
  • Pistol Range
  • Archery

The Pistol and Rifle Ranges are covered shooting areas. Stationary back stop at 25, 50, 100, and 200 yards for the rifle range. The yardage for the pistol range can be varied with our movable back stops. The pistol range also has 2 racks with 6 lay down steel plates. Shooters can take aim st deer, elk, bighorn sheep, a chicken, and a wild boar silhouettes to practice their skills.

The Gypsum Shooting Sports Club is located at 100 Gun Club Rd., Gypsum, CO.



Two Elk Shooting Area

The Two Elk shooting area is a seasonal shooting-range that lies within the White River National Forest. It boasts 4 shooting lanes separated by buck and rail fence. There is a picnic table and shooting table at each. The range is open from April-15 Nov. 30 because the area is within elk winter range, and is closed to all human entry from December 1 through April 14 annually.

  • Exploding targets and tracer rounds are illegal on National Forest lands

Located in Minturn, CO on Cemetery Bridge

Directions: Travel west on I-70 to exit 171 for Minturn, Leadville, and Hwy 24. Turn right and travel south 2.7 miles and into Minturn to Cemetary Bridge. Turn left, cross the bridge and tracks, then proceed south past the cemetery. Go right at the first fork and left at the second fork. Follow this somewhat rough dirt road about 1.8 miles to the shooting-range on the right.



Summit County Shooting Range

The Summit County Shooting Range is managed by the Summit Range Association (SRA) under the supervision of Summit County. This unique year-round facility boasts three separate ranges

Available Shooting Activities

  • 50 Yard Pistol/Rimfire Range
  • 100 Yard Centerfire Rifle Range
  • A Trap Range

Target bases and stands with backers are provided on the 50 and 100 yard ranges. The trap range is equipped with four Lincoln Trap Model SC-90e throwers. These throwers can launch singles or doubles and are quite powerful… especially with the red springs.

Loaner spotting scopes, shooting bags, and staple guns you can borrow are available. Rental firearms and ammunition are not available at the range.

There is no fee to use the range but donations are appreciated. It is provided as a community service by Summit County. Volunteer NRA-certified Range Safety Officers may be assisting with safe range operations at certain times. Check out the RSO Calendar to see their schedule.

Open all year round, the Summit County Shooting Range is located between Dillon and Keystone, Colorado at 639 County Rd. 66 Dillon, CO.



Basalt Public Shooting Range

This outdoor, non-profit shooting-range is maintained and supported by the Colorado Division of Wildlife in cooperation with the Roaring Fork Valley Sportsmans Association. The range’s mission is to provide a safe and well managed skeet and trap range for the community and visitors to the Roaring Fork Valley and to promote shooting sports and safe gun handling for shooters of all ages. Welcomes both members and non-members to shoot and offers 3 separate fields.

Available Shooting Activities

  • Pistols up to .50 caliber, and 22 Rimfire rifles
  • Rifles up to .50 caliber
  • Shotguns for hand thrown targets (bring your own)
  • Skeet Shooting
  • Trap Shooting
  • 5 Stand

No firearms, ammunition or targets for sale or rent, you must bring your own. Open year-round but closed on Wednesdays

Located just above the town of Basalt, adjacent to the Basalt Public Shooting Range.

Directions: Drive West out of Basalt on Two Rivers Rd, and turn right on Homestead Drive. Take the first left onto Kelly Lake Rd. Follow on up the hill and you will pass the public range and through the entrance gate into the RFVSA club.


Glenwood Springs Gun Club

The Glenwood Springs Gun Club has existed as a non-profit corporation since the early 1980’s and is made up of a group volunteers who love the various shooting disciplines and want to share them with others.

Available Shooting Activities

  • Sporting Clays
  • 5-Stand
  • Pistol Range
  • Rifle Range

DirectionsThe range the range is located beside South Canyon Creek, 2 miles west of Glenwood Springs on I-70 at exit 111. Drive 3 miles up South Canyon road; over the bridge, over the railroad tracks, past the little hot springs, past the Glenwood Landfill, the shooting-range road is to the left.

Lake County Public Shooting Range

The Lake County Shooting Range is located in Leadville, CO, it is a 15-acre outdoor, public facility and is accessible to all. It offers a variety of shooting activity and options for handguns, rifles and shotguns. The facility includes a vault toilet and the entire facility is ADA accessible.

Available Shooting Activities

  • 100 yd. Shooting Range
  • 200 yd. Shooting Range
  • 10 yd. Shooting Range
  • 25 yd. Shooting Range
  • 50 yd. Shooting Range
  • Shotgun/ Plinking Area
  • Archery Range with 12 targets

Location: Leadville Rod and Gun Club, 100 Gun Club Road CR 6, Leadville, Colorado 80461





The Routt County Rifle Club was founded in 1941 and has over 500 active members. Their facilities include a clubhouse and four shooting ranges for both members and non-members. Instruction, women’s shooting programs and annual competitions all take place here. The shooting-range offers a variety of different types of shooting with a focus on promoting a strong gun-safety culture.

Available Shooting Activities

  • Rifle range
  • Shotgun range
  • Outdoor pistol range
  • Indoor range
  • Trap
  • Skeet
  • 5-Stand
  • Indoor Center-Fire Rifle 50 ft. max
  • Outdoor Center-Fire Rifle 200 yd./mtr max
  • Indoor Handgun/Small bore Rifle 50 ft. max
  • Outdoor Handgun/Small bore Rifle 50 yd./mtr max
  • Muzzle Loaders Outdoor

Location – 28610 US-40, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487




Firearm Training / Clinics / Safety Classes

Alpine Arms

Alpine Arms offers single and multi-day firearm courses, as well as private training for individuals and groups. They also have a full-service retail shop carrying rifle, handguns, shotguns, optics and other firearm accessories.

Their instructors offer decades of combined real-world experience from U.S. Army Special Forces, the U.S. Marine Corps and LE SWAT. Whether a novice shooter or active-duty military or law enforcement, their training is designed to make you a better shooter.

Classes Offered

  • Concealed Handgun – A monthly course to help qualify Colorado residents for a Concealed Handgun Permit.
  • Defensive Pistol – Students will learn how to properly manipulate their chosen firearms platform efficiently while under duress.
  • Ladies Pistol -For female shooters wanting to learn about pistol shooting or take their pistol skills to the next level
  • Long Range Carbine – Provides students with knowledge that is necessary to make extended long range impacts on various size targets
  • Tactical Rifle – Developed for the entry level to experienced shooter. Our aim is to make you better with your rifle.
  • Nocturnal Fighter – Integrating night vision into your shooting
  • Precision Rifle – Practical training to help students become competent in the effective use of high-powered rifles

Located on 50 Chambers Ave, Unit G Eagle, CO 81631



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