The Best Ski Carrier Handle for Easier Family Ski Vacations


Welcome to ThinkVail – shop this list for the best ski carrier handle to make hauling your skis and poles (and your kids’ skis and poles) to the slopes effortless.

The traditional way of carrying skis can be annoying, to say the least. Whether you carry them by your side or over your shoulder, they put strain on your body. If you’re at a resort, this can be especially exhausting as you have to navigate through crowds of people and ensure you don’t hit anyone while also protecting your gear. It’s awkward and frustrating.

Ski and pole carriers solve this problem, beautifully. Typically, they are made from a durable, weather resistant fabric, and the straps are adjustable to fit different heights. The strap is then hooked to support bands that wrap around the tip and tail of your skis. There are also small loops to hold your poles in place.

Parents with small children can particularly benefit from ski carriers. They allow you to easily carry multiple sets of skis and poles, hands-free, so you can concentrate on other things… like where you’re kids have disappeared to. Alternatively, ski carriers are so easy and convenient that kids can carry their own equipment without getting frustrated or leaving anything important behind.

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Best Ski Carrier Handles

#1 Best Ski Carrier – Sukoa

Sukoa is guided by design innovation, utility and boasts a big cool factor. Their mission is to create products that look great with top-line functionality at a competitive price that represents big value for adventure-loving customers.


  • Adjustable ski straps can change length for optimal comfort.
  • Velcro ski pole carrier holds skis and poles all in one shoulder sling.
  • Ergonomic shoulder pad for extra comfort
  • Neoprene cushioning prevents scratching skis and provide extra grip.
  • Tough quality stitching and strong nylon is durable and long lasting.
  • Universal design fits regular and large skis of all disciplines
  • Strong plastic bindings and hooks hold up even in cold temperatures.
  • Folds into small package that fits in your pocket or bag.

#2 Best Ski Carrier – OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster is a company of  innovators, pioneers, and wild spirits. They pride themselves on making pro-level outdoor gear and this high quality, hands free ski carrier fits the bill perfectly!


  • Securely attached hook-and-loop fasteners offers maximum protection against scratches.
  • Elastic strap which wraps around your skis ensures a snug, secure fit.
  • Sturdy, durable, adjustable, high quality shoulder sling boasts extra wide strap and shoulder pad for maximum comfort.
  • The hands free design offers ultimate carrying convenience
  • Lifetime Warranty

#3 Best Ski Carrier Handle – StoreYourBoard

StoreYourBoard is the he most trusted name in the industry for organizing your outdoor adventure gear! Headquartered in Charlottsville, VA, this ski carrier is an innovative solution to the hassle of carrying gear to the slopes.


  • Transport your winter gear over your shoulder or by your side with these lightweight carry straps.
  • Both ski and boot carriers are adjustable to fit your preferred size.
  • Durable nylon webbing and velcro fasteners are designed to handle the harsh elements of winter.
  • Easily roll up the straps to store in your ski jacket or boot bag.
  • Designed in the USA
  • Easily carry one pair of skis and ski poles to the slopes.
  • Ideal for powder, downhill, cross country, racing, twin tip, or all-mountain skis.
  • Carry your skis down at your side or throw your skis over your shoulder and use as a sling or lengthen the strap to carry skis on your back.
  • Fits all sizes, kids and adults.
  • Hook and loop fasteners easily wrap around one pair of skis and ski poles for organized transport.
  • Carry your skis out on the slopes or during backcountry trekking.

#4 Best Ski Carrier Handle – Sklon

Sklon was started in 2016 by two outdoors loving brothers that want to equip you with the tools you need to conquer winter adventure. The Sklon ski carrier really shines!


  • Own the #1 solution for transporting ski equipment.
  • Comfortably carry your skis and poles to and from the mountain WITHOUT the usual struggle and frustration.
  • A must for those skiing and riding with children. Allows kids to easily carry their own equipment for long distances, even after a full day on the mountain.
  • Cushioned shoulder pad, allows you to sling your skis around your shoulder leaving your hands free for other important tasks and activities.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable size for adults and kids
  • Compact design fits into a pocket or backpack

#5 Best Ski Carrier Handle – Volk

The Volk ski carrier will make family ski vacation fun again… for everyone! You will wish you had found this solution sooner! Perfect for families or large groups.


  • No more awkwardly lugging skis and fumbling with poles.
  • The Volk ski shoulder carrier comes in a pack of 2
  • Adjust the length of the ski strap means it works great for little rippers as well
  • New pole clipping mechanism means you can safely secure your gear.
  • Fits in most jacket pockets when folded compactly.
  • Works for all ski types – Cross Country, Nordic, Downhill and Alpine Touring
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Transport your gear with ease and in style
  • Hands-free design
  • Can be worn over the shoulder or held in hand by the poles.

#6 Best Ski Carrier – Bagdent

Bagdent is a Czech Republic company that offers an easy and innovative solution for transporting nordic skis and poles for your next winter adventure


  • Durable plastic with metal buckle
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • 1 pair in each package
  • Universal Nordic skis holder – carries skis and poles in a compact package
  • Protects surface of the ski base by keeping skis apart, prevent dispersion of wax.
  • Easily transports with only one hand on the poles.
  • Great ski storage solution to keep your equipment organized and together when stored
  • Very small and light and can easily fit into a pocket or backpack
  • Available colors: Red / Black / Blue and Green

#7 Best Ski Carrier Handle – Athletico

Athletico is an independently owned, US based company that is dedicated to designing quality sports and athletic gear that focuses on durability and functionality for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Protective, non-slip foam padding secures your skis without leaving a scratch
  • Adjustable strap ensures perfect sizing for any height person or any length skis. Works well for men, women, and kids.
  • Ergonomic, double thick cushioned shoulder pad creates the best carrying experience. Comfortably carry your skis and poles to and from the mountain with ease.
  • Removes frustration, strain, or discomfort from hauling and transporting skis and poles up and down the slopes.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Pro-Grade carrier with protective foam ski wraps
  • Wrap your skis and poles in the Athletico ski carrier and go hands-free!

#8 Best Ski Carrier – Sklon Ski and Pole Harness

The Sklon Ski Harness makes transporting ski equipment, whether to the slopes or in the back country effortless. Get ready to truly love the journey!


  • When you’ve arrived at your destination, simply fold up your harness into itself, throw it in your jacket pocket, hang it off of your jacket or leave it in the locker until you’re ready to use it again!
  • This innovative harness is the first of its kind, bringing you the latest design in ski mobility!
  • Wear your skis around your back, leaving your hands free for other important tasks and activities

#9 Best Ski Carrier Handle – Fat Cookies

Fat Cookies Outdoors was launched in 2017 with a focus on outdoor adventure gear. This habdy ski carrier will not disappoint!


  • Easily carry skis, poles and snowboard
  • Easy to attach to skis again and again.
  • Strap is long enough to attach poles as well.
  • Double pack of shoulder carriers, so you can carry two sets at the same time.
  • Enjoy the ski holiday without all the hassle.
  • Hook and loop fastener with a durable grip and strong stitches with quality materials ensures it’s long lasting.
  • Ideal for kids and adults.
  • Width of the strap fits perfectly for narrow and wide skis. Works also with wide fat powder skis if you carry your poles separated. For snowboard you can attach loops to your snowboard bindings.
  • Adjustable sling (24″- 44″) for maximum comfort.
  • Lightweight and small design makes it easy to fit into your pocket when you’re ready to ski.
  • Easy to store in the off season, with carrier you can hang your equipment on the wall!


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