Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding on the Slopes


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Wrist guards are an essential investment for anyone just learning to snowboard and for advanced riders who are mastering the latest tricks and maneuvers in the terrain park and half pipe. They are also critical for riders with weak wrists or those who have suffered a wrist injury or broken wrist in the past.

Wrist injuries are the most common snowboarding injury, especially beginners who are learning. Falls happen quickly and it is second nature to try to save yourself by landing on outstretched hands, which leads to sprained or fractured wrists. Wrist guards mitigate the stress from the fall so it absorbs the brunt of the force, not your bones.

These useful guards are very effective and significantly reduce injury, so where them every time you hit the slopes and wear them correctly.


Fingerless Splints

These are the basic wrist guards that you see many people use when skateboarding, they consist of two padded splints made of a hard material designed to deflect energy caused by the impact of hard falls by keeping your wrists rigid and straight. They are usually attached to your arm by two adjustable straps with Velcro. These wrist guards work well to protect your wrists from injury but keep in mind that they can damage your snowboard gloves, especially if you fall a lot or are a very aggressive rider.

Wrist Guard Gloves

An ideal solution for snowboarders. These wrist guards do the job of protecting your wrists but are full integrated into a durable snowboard glove or mitten that has been specifically designed for it, so the snowboard glove usually has a much longer life span. Look for gloves with removable braces so your gloves or mittens are more versatile and can be used to safely snowboard but can also be used for other outdoor winter activities as well.

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Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding

#1 Best Wrist Guard for Snowboarding: Burton

Jake Burton was the founder of Burton, and the sport of snowboarding. After 40 years in the business, Burton knows a thing or two about snowboarding and snowboarding safety. These smart, innovative wrist guards are just what you would expect from the #1 name in snowboarding.

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable closure for custom fit
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Flexible tapered top splints
  • Low-profile design
  • Give leek, low-profile design easily fits under snowboard gloves.
  • Easily adjustable hook-and-loop straps keep guards comfortably locked around your wrists.
  • Soft padding comforts and protects your wrists.
  • Soft palm pad
  • Unisex sizing

#2 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding – DaKine Gloves

Dakine has been revolutionizing the outdoor adventure market since 1979 and are located at the base of Mt. Hood in Hood River, Oregon. Whether its snow or surf this company knows how to deliver to those who play rough, outdoors. These gloves are no exception – enjoy!

  • Innovative wrist guard glove offers the cold weather protection of a gauntlet length cuff
  • Waterproof DWR treated shell
  • DK DRY waterproof insert
  • High loft synthetic insulation to keep hands and fingers warm
  • Removable rigid nylon plates in the backhand and palm
  • Designed to minimize injuries to your wrist
  • 300g fleece lining
  • one hand cinch cuff closure
  • Removable wrist leash
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist strap
  • Unisex sizes

#3 Best Wrist Guards for snowboarding – devembr Mittens

devember is a newer company comprised of group of snow sports lovers who are passionate about making high quality gear including goggles, gloves, hats and socks that perform. These mittens are sure to keep your hands really warm and protect them from injury, all while looking cool and stylish.

  • Equipped with detachable wrist guards to minimize the chance of wrist injury
  • Palm is reinforced with premium PU leather to protect against abrasions
  • Padded with 40 grams 3M Thinsulate insulation, these mittens are thick enough to provide maximum warmth for your hands even in extremely cold weather.
  • Drawstring closure prevents cold air from entering
  • Velcro wrist straps allows you to easily adjust the tightness of the gloves according to your wrist size
  • A zipper pocket on the back of the mittens keep your small belongings well such as lift pass, cash and keys.
  • Anti-slip rubber has been added between the thumb and index to enhance grip.
  • Waterproof insert prevents moisture from getting in while allowing sweat to escape.
  • Faux leather

#4 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding – Demon Flexmeter

Demon United has been pioneering and innovating ski and snowboard equipment since 1999. They create body protection for professional athletes, motorcyclists and industrial workers and design and manufacture hundreds of products and protective gear for all types of gravity sports. These wrist guards are super tough and are great protection from a wrist injury.

  • Made 90% neoprene, 10% polyethylene
  • Lined with polyamide
  • The bracing is made of thermoplastic Hytrel
  • Hook-and-loop straps for an adjustable fit
  • Protects your wrist, and forearm
  • Triple wrap security straps
  • Patented Flexmeter is a physician developed wrist protective technology
  • Fits under gloves
  • Doctor recommended wrist protection.
  • Ideal for snowboarding
  • Palm protection using D3O impact technology.

#5 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding – Level Fly Trigger Gloves

LEVEL was founded more than 30 years ago with the objective of creating the first glove dedicated exclusively for snowboarding. These high quality snowboarding gloves with integrated wrist protection hits the mark beautifully.

  • Adjustable hook and loop closure for a snug, custom fit.
  • BioMex wrist guards inside to help protect you from snowboarding wrist injuries
  • Water resistant Membra-Therm Plus exterior shell for durability and breathability
  • Removable fleece liner for warmth without the weight, super soft and light
  • Interior liner is a 5 finger glove style, even in the mitten versions.
  • Rubberized Kevlar reinforced palms and finger tips for sure grip and durability, ensures gloves last multiple seasons of board grabs and carrying the board
  • Gauntlet style cuffs keep the snow out
  • Available in both men’s and women’s versions
  • Nose wipe – soft material on the side of your thumbs
  • On the side of the index finger is a strip of material to use as a goggle cleaner
  • Air Vent on the top of the hand allows moisture/sweat to escape from inside the glove
  • Nylon cord with a plastic cinch mechanism, attach to the inside cuff for a storm leash so you never lose your gloves.

#6 Best Wrist Guard for Snowboarding – Pro-Tec

Founded in 1973, Pro-Tec is the original skateboard protective gear brand. They are known for their advanced, safety-forward helmets but with 40-years experience producing the most stylish and technologically advanced protective gear, you can be sure that these wrist guards will deliver on the slopes or on the street.

  • Competition quality wrist guard set
  • Designed to protect against wrist injury for skateboarding, snowboarding and a variety of other sports
  • Ergonomically designed wrist pad splint with full wrap straps for palm protection and wrist support
  • High-grade, durable Lycra, and ballistic nylon provide protection without restricting movement
  • The standard for action sport protection and the top choice by skaters and cyclists in the industry.
  • Wrist guards will absorb and shrug off high impacts and hard slams.
  • Low profile and less bulk.
  • Flexible pads are constructed of breathable materials to improve comfort
  • Multiple straps are strong and easily adjustable with the attached hook and loop fasteners, so the pads are never too loose or too tight.
  • Unisex design

#7 Best Snowboard Wrist Guards – 187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Pads® has been designing and constructing pads for top professionals for the past decade and is the preferred choice of skaters worldwide. With its visionary designs and revolutionary systems, they continue to raise industry standards and make protective gear better. These wrist guards were created for skateboarders but are perfect for snowboarders

  • Angled design conforms to hand for excellent fit
  • Reinforced thumb hole and palm increase longevity
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching for long-lasting durability
  • Padded interior provides lots of comfort
  • Extra thick splint gives concentrated protection at base of hand where most hard impacts occur.
  • Optimum solution for wrist protection.
  • Ideal for kids & adults

#8 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding – Burton Kids

The same great, innovative and protective design as adults but is a kid specific size. Keep your little ones sake on the slopes this winter.

  • Adjustable closure for a customized fit
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Sturdy, tapered top splints protects from wrist injury
  • Soft palm pad is comfortable
  • Flexible hook-and-loop adjustment
  • Low-profile design fits under most gloves
  • Unisex sizing

#9 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding – Dakine Nova Glove

The Dakine Nova youth wrist guard glove is the perfect answer for kids just learning how to snowboard or for those practicing tricks in the terrain park. Keep your kids safe and protected from wrist injuries while on the ski mountain.

  • Dakine Nova Wristguard Jr. Kids’ glove has removable wrist braces that help fight against breaks and hyper extensions — making learning to ride way easier.
  • 280g high-loft synthetic insulation keeps your little shredder warm
  • DK Dry waterproof insert ensure hands stay dry
  • When you’re confident they’ve figured it out, pull out the wrist guards and you’ll still have a warm, comfortable glove with all the features that you’ve come to expect from Dakine.

#10 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding – OutdoorMaster

When you want full protection for snowboarding or any hard impact sport, look no further than Outdoor Master guard bundles to keep all parts of your kiddos safe. Includes wrist, elbow and knee guards.

  • Maximum protection
  • Ergonomic structure designed for kids/youth from 3-15 years old.
  • All-protective gears perfectly fits knee, elbow and wrist
  • Optimally adjustable Velcro for maximum safety
  • CPSC Certified for maximum quality and safety.
  • Premium PP shell on knee and elbow pads
  • Unique impact-resistance PE foaming layer for muscle and joint protection.

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