10 Gifts for the Boaters in Your Life


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Enjoy perusing this collection of the best gift ideas for your favorite boater.  Click on each Gift List below to see 10 high quality, name brand suggestions of each gift idea that you will be proud to give and that your recipient is sure to love.

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Best Gifts for Boaters

#1 Gift for Boaters – Inflatable Belt Life Vests

Shop our list of the 10 best inflatable belt life vests for outdoor adventures. These are the perfect solution whether your boater prefers a paddle board, paddle boat, drift boat, row boat or canoe. This is a great option for experienced swimmers in warm, calm waters and are ideal for maximum flexibility of movement. A stylish, comfortable flotation device to help keep your loved ones safe.

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#2 Gift for Boaters – Dry Bags

A dry bag (or three) is the perfect gift for any boater as it is ALWAYS important to keep your essentials dry while on the water. Whether your adventures take you on calm waters, to the surf of the ocean or paddling down a class IV river, your essential gear and necessities will be dry and protected. From small 1 liter bags that hold a cell phone to seriously large 110 liters bags that can hold an entire weekend of fun, these bags are sure to please.

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#3 Gift for Boaters – Water Shoes

When rafting, kayaking, tubing, fishing or enjoying most any type of water sport, life is better with a good pair of performance water shoes, so what better gift to give to your favorite boater than a really good pair of aquatic footwear. This list of rugged, durable shoes prevents slipping in muddy, wet conditions whether in they are dockside, swimming, portaging, hiking or just kicking back. This gift ensures that they will be comfortable and confident no matter where the water takes them.

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#4 Gift for Boaters – Tie Down Straps

Tie down straps are the perfect way to secure a raft, kayak, SUP, surfboard, tube, canoe, or other watercraft to the top of a vehicle or the back of a trailer safely. High quality, durable, name-brand tie downs are a gift that will be used for years and years and every time they head out on a nautical adventure they will think of YOU! Give the gift of peace of mind with this list of locking, no-scratch and traditional tie down straps. Check out our favorites in the list below.


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#5 Gift for Boaters – Fly Rods

Whether your preferred watercraft is canoe, kayak, paddle board, dory, drift boat, pontoon boat, floating tube, a raft, a motor boat or anything else that floats, nothing completes a day out on the water like casting a line and landing the “big” one. Choose from this list of anglers’ favorite fly rods and give a gift you can be proud of and that they will LOVE!

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#6 Gift for Boaters – Rash Guards

Protection from salt, sun, surf, sand, splashing water, abrasions, tree branches and more are all good reasons to wear a rash guard whenever your playing in the water. Give your favorite boater a stylish, comfortable, good-looking rash guard that they can frolic in all day. Check out this collection of appealing sun tops for everyone on your list men, women, teenagers, kids even your littlest sailors can all benefit from a high quality rash guard.


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#7 Gift for Boaters – Wheeled Carriers

Wheeled boat carriers are an amazing innovation that makes transporting your paddle board, kayak, surfboard, canoe or other small watercraft sooo easy. No more carrying awkward, large, off-balanced items over uneven terrain. Just set the boat on the wheels, strap it down and you can easily walk for miles effortlessly over most any type of terrain. If you gift recipient doesn’t live right on the beach this is an indispensable gift they are going to appreciate and use all the time.

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#8 Gift for Boaters – Electric Pumps

So many things need to be inflated these days, wouldn’t it be nice to have an electric, portable air pump to blow up the array of inflatable kayaks, SUPs, tubes, pool floats, as well as kiddie pools, trailer tires, bike tires and so much more.  Easily and quickly inflate all of these items from the 12volt outlet in your car or even wirelessly for complete portability.  Check out this list of 10 electrical, portable pumps to make a day on the water so much easier and fun!


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#9 Gifts for Boaters  – Paddle Boards

If you have a family member or friend who enjoys boating, chances are they would love to paddle board. Whether its a rigid board or an inflatable SUP, they are a great way to get out on local streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, or the ocean. Enjoy the newest way to get your family outside and on the water. Paddle boards are ideal for exploring, sightseeing, fishing, swimming, yoga and more.

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#10 Gifts for Boaters – Nose Clips

Nose clips are small and easily overlooked but if you suffer from sinus infections, or fear contracting bacteria found in many rivers and lakes, than these little gems are indispensable. Also, they wear out and are constantly lost so they make the perfect gift because boaters always need them! Whether you are shopping for a kayaker, rafter or a swimmer you will find exactly what you need from this collection of 10 high quality nose clips from the outdoor brands you trust.

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We hope you found this article about the best gifts for the boaters in your life helpful. We have touched on some of our favorite nautical ideas but we would love to know your favorites please tell us about your experience in the comments below.

In addition, we diligently research all information for our articles but still we are probably leaving out something important or circumstances may have changed since publishing so please provide any tips or info that you feel others should know.

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