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The Vail Valley offers a variety of Yoga studios and classes so review the following list and find the perfect class near you.

Yoga is the practice of tying breath to movement.  Yoga strengthens the body while inducing flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation and satisfaction. It is an ancient discipline that joins the physical, mental, and spirit and originated in India.



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Vail Yoga Studios

The Vail Athletic Club at the Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa

An 18,000 square foot fitness center with Peloton bikes, cardio equipment, weights, and CYBEX equipment located in Vail Village. Over 50 group fitness classes are offered each week and include yoga, meditation, Pilates, barre, and Vail’s only public indoor climbing wall.

Offering an extensive selection of group free-style vinyasa yoga, specialty workshops, and private instruction. Diverse teachers are all grounded in dynamic Vinyasa flow-style yoga, with focus on progressive sequencing and precise alignment.

Classes Offered:

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga – characterized by fluid movement linked to the breath, and an emphasis on alignment.
  • Honey Flow Yoga – 45-minute class to ignite your inner fire followed by restorative postures, pranayama breathing, meditation and deep relaxation.
  • Slow Flow Yoga– is designed with athletes in mind! Perfect for opening trouble spots of the body – hips, quads and hamstrings
  • Foundations Yoga– is designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioners, we enjoy a slower paced Vinyasa class.
  • Yin and Restore Yoga classes combines myofascial release, deep stretches and relaxing postures.
  • Flow & Fly Yoga classes combine arm balances and playful poses into an energetic flow. Intermediate to advanced level class.

Vail Racquet Club

A private health club facility, but Resort guests are delighted to discover that this East Vail location boasts a wide variety of recreational amenities and includes complimentary access to the 2,800 square-foot fitness center – the most comprehensive fitness club in the Vail Valley! Guests and members enjoy 8 seasonal tennis courts, year-round, heated, lap pool, 2 hot tubs, locker rooms, steam & sauna rooms and complimentary fitness & yoga classes

Aria Club at Hotel Talisa

The Aria Athletic Club is the largest fitness facility in the Vail Valley with over 50,000 square feet of wellness. Aria’s expert yoga instructors strive to connect mind, body and spirit while increasing flexibility. Choose from Aria’s expansive variety of classes, special yoga workshops & wellness weekends.

Classes Offered:

  • All Level Vinyasa Yoga Class
  • Fit Flow Yoga Class
  • Foundational Flow Yoga Class
  • Restorative Yoga Class



Gentle Yoga at the Town of Vail Public Library

A gentle workout with an inward focus hat unites the mind, body & spirit. Improving balance, strength and flexibility and deep relaxation. Taught by Anne Anderson, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Registered with Yoga Alliance, Professional Ski Instructor of America at Vail; Lionshead Adults, Reiki II Practitioner and Founder of Snowga, a yoga practice on the slopes created to calm the mind and transform the ski experience; less fear, more fun.

Avon Yoga Studios

Revolution Power Yoga

Revolution Power Yoga’s studio is a lovely, spacious heated studio with large glass windows. It is located in the Traer Creek Plaza, in Avon. Plenty of parking and on the ECO Bus route. There is also a smaller studio which can be reserved for special classes, kids yoga and yoga privates. Private shower each in men’s and women’s locker rooms. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash provided. Yoga mat storage for members. Hosting a variety of group yoga classes, private yoga instruction and yoga workshops.

Classes Offered

  • Align & Flow – a slightly slower class with an emphasis on alignment and is suitable for all levels. Class heated to 85 degrees.
  • Aromarestore Class – A restorative practice that includes pure essential oil therapy. Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system and experience a healthy body and mind. Pairing gentle yoga and meditation with aromatherapy, awakens the body’s natural capacity to heal.
  • Buti Yoga – A women’s-only practice. A blend of power yoga, tribal dance, high intensity interval training, and deep core work. This practice is done to an upbeat playlist.
  • Power Yoga – An energizing, challenging and powerful class where you move, sweat and leave transformed! Suitable for all levels. Class is heated to 95 degrees.
  • Power Beats – An energizing, challenging class with a fun playlist. Expect to move, sweat and leave transformed! Suitable for all levels. Class heated to 95 degrees.
  • Power Yin – A 30-minute power vinyasa practice ending with a 30-minute of yin practice focusing on longer holds and deeper stretches. This class is heated to 90 degrees.

Studio Anjali at the Westin

Studio Anjali in Avon offers a dedicated yoga studio with classes that offer different ways to explore, deepen, and awaken the body/mind/spirit connection. Valet and self parking is available at the Westin Hotel. Instructors provide guidance in the practices they are uniquely qualified to teach. Offering unique classes that will leave you energized and renewed. Group lessons, private instruction, studio rental and private group instruction available. Member and Non-Member package pricing available.

Classes Offered

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Flow Class
  • Hot Flow Class
  • Yoga for Stiff People
  • Restorative Yoga



Avon Recreation Center

A spacious multi-use facility with over 40,000 square feet of fun! Lots of parking and located right next to the Lake in Avon. The Avon Recreation Center has lap pool, lazy river, water slide, workout area, saunas and hot tub. They are open seven days a week and offer great daily rates and member rates. Offering a variety of award-winning yoga classes.

Classes Offered:

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga – The teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.
  • Power Yoga – Emphasizes the importance of balancing structure and ease both on and off our mats. Utilize yoga to build a happy, healthy relationship with own body.
  • Prenatal Yoga/Baby Yoga – This class is all about you and baby! This class is very informal, ask questions throughout or to stop and soothe, feed, and change your baby. Connect with your baby while getting toned, and strong.
  • Hatha Yoga – Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation.
  • Buti Yoga – Loud music and high energy bursts of cardio, tribal dance, strengthening and isometric movement. The focus is on the core and the lower back to awaken sedentary muscles.
  • Breath and Flow Yoga – This gentle and effective approach to yoga will ease you into strength and flexibility through the use of breathing, props, and poses.

Edwards Yoga Studios

Mountain Soul Yoga

Mountain Soul Yoga boasts a clean, spacious and modern facility with two yoga studios and stunning mountain views in downtown Edwards, Colorado. Bring your own mat or rent one of ours. Enjoy accessible on-site parking or walk over from the Riverwalk, Homestead or the nearby commercial centers. Offering group classes and private instruction as well as Colorado School of Yoga teacher training and Ayurvedic consulting and education.

Classes Offered:

  • Vinyasa Root Class– Slower paced, and focus on opening the roots of your body such as hips and hamstrings.
  • Vinyasa Ignite Class– Invoking the fire element through dynamic movement and may be faster paced with arm balancing and back bends for an energizing session.
  • Vinyasa Elevate Class – Featuring more advanced poses, advanced breath techniques and meditation for an integrated and empowering experience.
  • Mountain Soul Class – begins with a fire stoking, fluid Vinyasa practice followed by a series of Restorative and Yin Yoga poses, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation.
  • Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga Classes– uses props to hold yogis in supported supine and seated poses in such a way that the body and mind can relax completely.
  • Yoga Basecamp – This slower class is designed especially for those new to yoga, aging athletes 50+, and/or those with limited mobility or injuries. Participants receive an introduction to the language of yoga, foundational yoga postures, body awareness, breath work and relaxation.

Dogma Athletica

Dogma Athletica yoga studio is a welcoming space with hardwood floors, mirrored walls, and big, beautiful windows located in the Crystal Building in Riverwalk. Class participants can grow their own practice free of expectation or judgment. Guided by wonderful, experienced teachers. Dogma’s yoga program embraces the organization’s “Live It” motto and offers classes and workshops geared toward learning how to incorporate yoga into life beyond the mat. Classes are geared toward all levels, from never-ever to the seasoned practitioner; there is truly something for everyone. Free use of yoga mats. Membership and punch cards available.

Classes Offered:

  • Mindful Morning Flow – Linking movement and breath, this open-level, mindful Vinyasa class develops strength and stamina, flexibility and grace, and culminates in deep, blissful relaxation.
  • Energizing Flow -An invigorating class to energize your systems, while linking movement to breathe. A unique blend of music and breath, no two classes are the same! All Levels
  • Yoga for Stiff People – a gentle and modified approach to learning the foundations of yoga, and learn safe ways to strengthen and gain flexibility through a variety of postures. Perfect for everyone, including strong athletes with bulky/short muscles, to those with joint replacements or injuries, to those who appreciate a slower pace.
  • The Dogma Athletica Signature Live it Loose Classes – 6 Week Session – Featuring an athletic mobility class, the best part of al mobility, athletic stretching, some yoga and foam rolling. You will move better, improve joint health, become more flexible and reduce injury.



Minturn Yoga Studios

Peace Love Aerial Yoga

A small, intimate  studio featuring aerial yoga and aerial fitness. Offering unusual and unconventional classes.

Classes Offered

  • Intro to Aerial Yoga – Designed for the never ever aerial student. The class is a sampling of the flexibility, balance, strength and inversions of aerial yoga practice. Aerial yoga uses a silk hammock attached to the ceiling as a powerful and effective prop to practice yoga. The hammock is used throughout the entire class to assist in a multitude of postures, to safely swing, fly and invert.
  • Power Aerial Yoga– classes emphasize building upper body strength and core conditioning woven into a full spectrum class. In A In aerial yoga we use the hammock throughout the entire class almost as a super-prop that assists us in varying ways across a multitude of postures, seamlessly transitioning from one position to the next. This class appeals to both yogis and “I’m not a yoga person” people, while staying authentic to the ancient teachings of yoga.
  • Restorative Aerial Yoga – a supportive practice. Hammocks are lowered and include the comforts of blankets and bolsters to create a very restful experience. The class culminates with a 15 minute svasana (guilt free yoga nap).
  • Slow Flow Aerial Yoga – Class moves at a moderate pace and accentuate flexibility. The aerial hammock supports, deepens and challenges the practice. And unlike floor based yoga class, we also employ hammocks to allow us to safely swing, fly and invert.
  • Indoor Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga– Is a blend of the new sport of Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and the ancient practice of yoga. Artisan studio boards year re-create the buoyancy and feel of water indoors. Adding water’s characteristics of float, fluidity and instability to the most basic yoga poses creates a significant challenge to beginner and experienced yogis.

Eagle Yoga Studios

Eagle Climbing & Fitness

The newest member to the the Eagle fitness scene.  This first-class indoor climbing facility for beginner and professional climbers also offers fitness and yoga classes.

Classes Offered:

  • Hot Vinyasa Yoga – A local favorite especially during the cold winter months. This class offers traditional Vinyasa yoga flows but in a heated room. The heat loosens muscles and allows you to stretch deeper into poses.
  • Yoga for Rock Climbers – Whether your a world class climber or first time climber, this class is for you. The class focuses on core and upper body strengthening, balance, flexibility to help you meet challenges on the rock face or wall.
  • Warrior Yoga– Another great class for climbers. This class focuses on building strength and flexibility in your body but also mental focus and mindful awareness
  • Yoga for Athletes-Focusing on strength and flexibility to compliment your athletic performance.  This class is 30 minutes of Vinyasa Flow and 30 minutes of deep stretching.
  • Buti Yoga – Enjoy cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance practiced to high energy hip-hop, electronica and  tribal type music.  High energy class to transform your body and soul.
  • Baby & Me Yoga -New moms need yoga and this class delivers. Practice yoga with other new moms at a pace that allows quality time with your new baby.  This is best for babies up to to toddlers walking.
  • Kids Yoga– A great class to introduce your kids to the benefits of yoga. Energizing music, yoga-inspired games, meditation and more.  Classes are age appropriate and no prior experience is needed.

Yoga Off Broadway

A lovely, bright, clean and cheery studio that is just off Broadway in Eagle. The perfect retreat for relaxing. Committed to offering a variety of yoga classes, styles, and instructors to serve people of all ages, cultures, and fitness levels. Offering group classes, yoga workshops and yoga retreats.

Classes Offered:

  • Buti Yoga – Cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement and conditioning woven into a fun, dynamic yoga practice. Very physical and practiced to hip-hop, electronica, and tribal dance music. For women only. Room is heated to 80-85 degrees. Sports bra and shorts are recommended
  • Power Yoga – Recommended for those with asana experience. The practice begins with a short warm up, sun salutations, static poses to stretch the muscles, and balance poses for focus and balance. This class is heated between 80-85 degrees.
  • Yoga For Every Body– is a class for those who want to take it a little easier on their mat and o focus on deeper stretching and breathing. Alignment principles, gentle breathing techniques, and basic poses will be taught at a slow pace for all levels of students.
  • Vinyasa Yoga focuses on movement synchronized to the breath. Sometimes called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. All levels welcomed
  • Restorative Yoga – A restorative practice frequently relies on the use of props and the prolonged holding of a few simple poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation. Suitable for all levels of students. This class targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.
  • Senior Yoga– A class for students 60 years and older, will help you increase your strength, balance and over all sense of well-being through basic supported postures, breath work, meditation, and yoga nidra. Improve your balance and feel more centered and stable.
  • Yoga & Beats– Off Broadways’ signature class features yoga and music. Since 2015, Yoga+Beats has been an important part of communities and events including GoPro Mountain Games, Eagle YogaFest, Scottsdale Beats Retreat, and more!



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Please leave a comment about Yoga or any of these local Vail Yoga studios, we would love to hear your thoughts and personal experience.  Also please let us know if there is a local yoga studio that has been left off this list but should be included.  Thanks for reading



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  • Thanks so much for this article, I have just moved to the Vail area from Denver and I did not know where to go to continue my Yoga. I will be living in Edwards for the winter so I was excited to see two choices, Dogma Athletica and Mountain Soul Yoga. Which of these two do you prefer?

    • Hi Marian
      Welcome to the Vail Valley!, We are so happy to have you and Edwards is a great place to live. Both of those studios are fantastic. You can't go wrong with either one. I personally use Dogma Athletica, I love their instructors but I have many friends who go to Mountain Soul and they rave about it. I would choose by whichever studio is closet to your new home.

  • This is great!
    Awesome collection of information with detail of each location and what they offer. I am a big fan of Slow Flow yoga as I find it helps open up my hips. I am a keen runner so my hips and IT Bands are often tight.

    • Thanks for the comment Tim
      Slow Flow Yoga is a form of yoga that links breath, movement, and poses together. The pace is usually slower, but challenges practitioners to be present when poses become difficult and hard to hold. Slow flow allows yogis to become familiar with their bodies, create a reflective pause, and cultivate the ability to go inward. It is a wonderful practice for body and mind.

  • I have just come back from vacation where I was introduced to "Yin Practice"? Do you know if anybody in the Vail Valley offers this type of practice?

    • Hi Imran,
      Ying Yoga is the opposite of dynamic yoga that is predominately offered in most yoga studios. Many call Ying Yoga the “other half of yoga.” It features floor postures that are held passively for several minutes to gain a safe ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. It emphasizes stillness and silence. Yes there are places in the Vail Valley that offer Yin Yoga. Check out Vail Athletic Club, Revolution Power Yoga and Mountain Soul Yoga.

  • Hello I am hoping to be a yoga instructor and I am looking for a yoga teacher's course in the Vail Valley, do you know of any?

    • Yes, check out Vail Vitality Center Yoga teacher course and Mountain Soul, they both offer exceptional yoga teacher training,

  • Wow, Thanks for this list of local yoga studios. We will be visiting Vail this March for a ski vacation and hope me and my wife hope to take a couple of Yoga classes while we are there. We will be staying at Hotel Talisa because it is a great ski-in ski-out resort but I am so excited to see that they have lots of yoga classes at their Club Aria! So happy to have my yoga after a hard day of skiing!

    • Hi Jerald,
      Thanks for the comment, I hope you have wonderful snow while you are visiting and yes yoga is wonderful for stretching after a long day on the slopes. Enjoy, Club Aria is a fabulous place to work out-enjoy!


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