Grab One of These Adorable Halloween Hats for Dogs!


If you and your family plan to hit the streets for trick-or-treating this Halloween don’t forget to include your favorite furry friend! These fun and silly Halloween hats for dogs (and cats) promise a memorable, fun-filled night for all! Don’t forget your camera!

#1 Halloween Hat for Dogs – Pumpkin Hat

Channel your pet’s inner “Great Pumpkin” with this fun and detail-rich Halloween set.

  • Perfect costume set for dogs and cats
  • Set includes one pet-sized pumpkin hat and an orange Halloween bandana
  • Hat is approx. 6.3 inches/ 16 cm in height, and approx. 4.7 inches/ 12 cm in diameter with an adjustable strap.
  • Bandana is approx. 25.6 x 17.7 x 17.7 inches and suitable for most pets.

#2 Halloween Hat for Dogs – Cowboy

“Saddle up, partner”, this cute pet cowboy set is the perfect accompaniment for your favorite furry side-kick.

  • 2-piece pet cowboy costume includes 1 pet sized cowboy hat and 1 red paisley bandanna.
  • Cowboy hat is made of polyester and is durable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Hat has an adjustable elastic chin strap.
  • 100% cotton red paisley bandana can be easily tied to fit most pet’s necks.

#3 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Viking with Braids

This adorable get-up is perfect for a unique twist on Halloween or for your next winter Ullr festival!

  • One-piece Viking hat and braids is attached with an adjustable elastic cord
  • Available in two sizes: Small-Medium / Medium-Large
  • Sizes accommodate from Chihuahua size through Weimaraner sized dog breeds
  • Made of comfortable polyester material
  • Hand-wash

#4 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Pirate Hat & Bandana

“Arrr… me matey” Whether you’re walking the plank or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, this costume will surely steal the show!

  • 2-piece pirate set includes 1 pet-sized pirate hat and 1 red and black skull bandanna
  • 4 different pirate versions are available
  • Made of quality polyester, non-toxic and safe, breathable, lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Fits for most big dogs such as Husky, Golden Retriever, Bulldog and some cats.
  • Pirate hat has an adjustable velcro strap.

#5 Halloween Hat for Dogs – Top Hat and Formal Neck Tie

If your Halloween party is leaning towards the formal or if you just really want to “put on the dog”, there is no better way than with a doggie-sized top hat and necktie.

  • 2-piece set includes one pet-sized top hat, and 1 necktie collar gives your pet the formal look.
  • Made of premium polyester for comfort
  • Hat has a chin strap that can accommodate any pet size.
  • Approx. neck girth: 9.4-12.6 inch
  • Ties are available in a variety of styles, colors and prints

#6 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Aviator

Get your camera ready, because this costume promises the best selfies of you and your favorite furry co-pilot!

  • Adorable pet costume comes with aviator hat and red scarf.
  • Brown pilot’s hat with white furry trim and attached google look; costume includes a red scarf
  • Suggested breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkie, Maltese, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Toy Breeds and Puppies
  • Made of polyester so it is comfortable and breathable.
  • Adjustable chin strap

#7 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Lumberjack

Your best friend can now be your mirror twin! Whether you want to be a lumberjack, a hunter, a mountain man, a trapper or any other type of outdoor person, this costume will fit the bill….adorably!

  • Adorable Lumberjack hat is made of plush cotton and is very soft and warm
  • Durable hat has an adjustable strap
  • Doggie hat sizes: 7.1″(L) X 6.7″(W) X 7.9″(H).
  • Will keep your pet warm during cold temperatures.
  • Suggested for pets weighing between 8-25lbs.

#8 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Yacht Captain

All hands on deck for this show stopper of a costume… if only he had a pipe we would swear he was searching for the legendary white whale!

  • 2-piece pet Yacht Captain costume includes 1 pet sized captain’s hat and 1 anchor bandanna.
  • Captain’s Hat is made of plastic and polyester with high quality gold embroidery that adds a delightful nautical flair.
  • Hat is durable, lightweight and has an adjustable wide elastic band to keep it attached to pet’s head.
  • Anchor Bandana is made of soft, good quality cotton. It is lightweight, absorbent and breathable with a fun printed anchor pattern.
  • Size is suitable for most medium dogs.
  • Ideal for cats and dogs

#9 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Lion

Your favorite, furry Fido will LOVE to spend Halloween as the “King of the Jungle”. You will definitely want to takes photos of your pet in this costume, you’ll want to relive this memory year-round!

  • Lion’s mane wig fits medium to large sized dogs
  • Compatible neck size for dogs ranges from 24in to 32in.
  • Realistic lions mane for dogs
  • Lion’s wig is made of high-quality Polyester fiber
  • Too funny you won’t be able to stop laughing!
  • Attaches with Velcro under the chin and is adjustable.

#10 Halloween Hats for Dogs – Witch and Wizard

This stunning witch’s hat is a classic that should not be missed. Amuse you family and friends year after year with this timeless doggie Halloween hat. Enjoy!

  • Witch’s hat features cobwebs, green wig trim and purple bow
  • Adjustable, elastic chin strap
  • Adorable for Halloween photos
  • Suitable for most small to medium dogs and cats.
  • Hat measurements: Height 6″, Diameter 7″, Hollow Length 3.5″


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