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Snowboarding and skate boarding share many similarities so it’s no surprise that when the snow begins to melt in Colorado many start looking forward to trading their snowboards in for skateboards. Most skateboard parks around Vail are made for skateboarders, bikers, scooters and aggressive inline skaters or roller bladers to use and enjoy.

Each park is designed for its specific location and to provide unique challenges to its users. However, most parks fit one of three types of design: bowl, street plaza or flow parks.

Bowl Parks

Designed to emulate pool skating, the curved walls of bowls allow skaters to ride around and across the bowl as well as back and forth. These parks offer a variety of bowl shapes and sizes that range between 3′ and 12’ deep.

Street Plaza Parks

May be the skater’s favorite and are designed to improve street skating skills. Frequent obstacles in these parks are stairs, railings, planters and benches. Skaters push off with their feet to gain momentum.

Flow Parks

Combines elements of both bowl parks and street plazas and include quarter pipes, pump bumps and bowl corners to gain momentum and use that speed to hit stairs, railings and benches.

Common Park Elements

  • Quarter pipe – Literally, a quarter of a pipe with a flat platform connected to it at the top, called a deck.
  • Half pipe – Two quarter pipes facing each other (half of a pipe).
  • Mini Ramp – A smaller half pipe that is less than 8–10 feet
  • Bowl – a completely enclosed area of quarter pipes that curve in corners.
  • Deck – A flat elevated area used as a staging area above ramps and bowls.
  • Spine – Two quarter pipes placed back-to-back, that do not contain a deck. Spines may exist in bowls and half-pipes
  • Escalator – sloping increases or decreases in quarter pipe or half pipe ramp.
  • Flat – The flat lower areas between transitions, usually at grade.
  • Vert wall – A vertical wall above, and sometimes slightly behind, a quarter pipe.
  • Bank – Simple wedge ramps for traversing obstacles that may contain curvature at the tops or on sides.
  • Hip – Essentially two quarter pipes or banks forming an angle.
  • Funbox – A combination of banks, flats, rails, kickers, etc. connected to each other to form mini gaps.
  • Pyramid – Funbox-type ramp made from four banks put in a square pyramid shape, usually surrounding a flat.
  • Launcher/Kicker – A curved bank that launch a rider into the air.
  • Roll-in – A long sloping ramp used to gain speed.
  • Step-up/Eurobox – A funbox type ramp consisting of a bank with a flat at the top and a second, higher flat after it.
  • Flatbar – A rail set level with ground.
  • Sloped rail – A rail set at an angle.
  • Stair  & Handrail– A simple staircase with a rail extended from a staircase or off an adjacent wall
  • Kidney bowl – a bowl roughly in the shape of a human kidney
  • Egg bowl – a bowl shaped like an egg
  • Cradle – Spherical bowl turned on its side, typically connected with a bowl. Enables inverted and over-vert carving

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Skate Board Parks near Vail, CO

The Zeke M. Pierce Skate Park

Geared more for intermediate and advanced skaters, this unique skate park is located between two decks of the Lionshead parking structure in Vail, CO. It offers protection from the strong summer sun and a quick escape from rain in inclement weather. The park is open daily during the summer months from dawn till 11pm. The park is closed during the winter months.

Named after a local, avid skateboarder who lost his life at the age of 15, this popular park was designed with input from the local skate community. The 1.7 million dollar facility was funded by the Town of Vail and created by premier park builders; California Skateparks. It is managed by the Vail Recreation District who offer summer camps and clinics to kids ages 7-14. Private lessons are also available.

This fun, street plaza style park includes features for all abilities including a large variety of street and transition style elements. Advanced skaters will love the signature “vert” feature, mini-bowl, full-size half pipe, pole-jam rail and a tranny to wall-ride.

The innovative design utilized an existing, challenging space that was 25 feet wide, but more than 230 feet long. However, this configuration ended up being perfect for creating a no-push street course with lots of flow.

The Zeke M. Pierce skate park is the latest addition to the Vail valley skate scene. Due to its location within the parking structure it boasts a strong urban feel but it is a beautiful space, full of graceful lines, generous curves and lots of rails to slide and gaps to fly. It does not disappoint.

Helmets are required. Knee pads and wrist guards are recommended.

Other details:

  • Look for the colorful mosaic mural sponsored by Art in Public Places
  • Park is located just steps from the bustling Lionshead Village and Eagle Bahn gondola
  • Public bathrooms are available in the parking structure
  • An array of world class restaurants and shops are available in Lionshead.
  • Just steps from beautiful Gore Creek

Location – Parking Structure on South Frontage Rd

Click here for more info on Vail Skateboard Clinics




Freedom Skatepark

Freedom Skate Park in Edwards, CO opened in 2005 and is the ideal place for ‘never-evers,’ beginners, intermediates, expert skaters and pros to practice and hone their skills.

It is a large park with no lights, so it’s open from dawn till dusk every day in the summer. It is closed in the winter due to snow. This unsupervised skate park is popular and there are always lots of skaters, BMX bikers, scooters and in-line skaters here enjoying the large array of fun features.

Skating elements include a huge cradle, rad snake run, clover bowl, pool voping, rails, stairs, quarter pipe, launches, transitions, extensions and a variety of other street features. It boast two big bowls and a super fun street course to play on.

This popular gathering area in Edwards is a great place to skate, spectate or just hang out. It has large, centralized, concrete planters with trees that are perfect for spectators to watch all the action or allows skaters to rest in the shade. There is also lots of grassy areas, benches and seating in the area.

The park does not require a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards but it is highly recommended. It does not allow skating during adverse weather.

Lessons are offered throughout the summer by Mountain Recreation, who manages the skate park.

Other Details:

  • A paved walking/recreation path parallels the park
  • A dog park with large pond is close by
  • A playground is just steps away from the skate park
  • Soccer fields
  • On-site public bathrooms in the summer
  • Kid’s water park with sprinkler area
  • Vending machines
  • Close to Colorado Mountain College and Battle Mountain High School

Location0 – 450 Miller Ranch Road




Gypsum Skate Park

The Gypsum Skate Park is the oldest park in the Vail valley, it’s also the smallest. The park features a unique concrete bowl that is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. At the top of Mickey’s head, you can air into or out of the ‘ears’ or challenge yourself on the long low ledge.

This park is ideal for “first-timers,” beginners, and intermediate skaters. And, unlike other local skate parks this one is rarely crowded so it’s a great place to learn, without a lot of spectators or other skaters watching you. It’s the perfect place to try a new trick or just practice the fundamentals.

The poured-concrete park also caters to roller blades and skateboarders who like to drop in on a ramp and turn it up a notch! Users will enjoy tons of fun features like bowls, ramps, ledges, a “fun box” and more. The facility can accommodate skaters of all levels and is open to bikes, skateboards, roller blades, traditional skates, and scooters.

This 1,5000 sq. ft. facility is located in Town Park. Because of the mild weather enjoyed by Gypsum, the park is open year-round but there are no lights so it operates from 8am-9pm in the summer and 8am-6pm in the winter, weather permitting. The park is managed by Gypsum Mountain Recreation. Helmets and safety equipment are not required but are strongly recommended.

  • Other Details
  • Located next to the Gypsum Library
  • Located next to the Gypsum Rec Center

Location – 46 Lundgren Boulevard in Gypsum, CO




Woodward at Copper Mountain

No list of skateboard parks would be complete without the AMAZING 60,000 sq. ft. Woodward at Copper Mountain complex. The perfect place to learn or practice, Woodward has programs for everyone, even those with no prior experience. The Barn, is a red and white farmhouse-looking building that houses a state-of-the art facility that makes extreme skateboarding fun, easy and convenient.

The 19,400 sq. ft. Barn is the central hub of the Woodward Copper campus and Copper Mountain Resort’s action sports playground. It features multiple skate/scooter/bmx zones, six different levels of foam pit jumps, indoor ParkSki™ and Burton ParkBoard™ training, springfloor, tumble track, five Olympic-grade flybed trampolines and a 12’x12′ Super Trampoline, The Barn has everything you need to practice your moves while having tons of fun. The Barn’s indoor practice area is open year-round with lights and is fully heated, so you can enjoy skateboarding even in the dead of winter!

Woodward offers summer camps, season passes or daily drop-in sessions.

Woodward Features:

  • Six jump-to-foam options for all abilities
  • Indoor ParkSki™ and Burton ParkBoard™ training tools
  • Two mini-ramps
  • Street course area
  • Unique pump track zone
  • Full size skate bowl
  • Springfloor
  • Tumble Track
  • Five Olympic-grade Flybed trampolines
  • 12’x12′ Super Trampoline

Visit Woodward at Copper website for more information

Other Details:

  • Woodward Peace Park
  • Copper Mountain Tubing Hill
  • Rocky Mountain Coaster
  • Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Location – 505 Copper Rd, Frisco CO




Huck Finn Skatepark

Huck Finn Skate Park in Leadville, CO seamlessly integrates contemporary street plaza and transition elements to delight users of all ages and abilities. This world-class facility was opened in 2014 and features rails, stairs, ledges, banks, gaps and bowls. The 21,000 square ft. concrete park sits at an elevation of 10,200 feet and is perfect for beginners, intermediates and advanced skaters

It is also an ideal place to sit back and watch some fun, extreme tricks with a large, safe place for spectators to sit and ogle.

Designed by Native Skateparks this multi-use park with gorgeous views of the Sawatch Mountains delivers.

Caters to bicycles, scooters, in-line skates and skateboards and is managed by the Lake County Recreation Department.

Other Details

  • Tennis Courts
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Snack Bar
  • Warming hut
  • Sound system

Location – 505 W 5the St, Leadville, CO 80461




North Face Sk8 Park

Located at North Face Park, the Carbondale Sk8 Park is one of the fastest parks in the area and has something fresh for every skateboarder. Offering 17,300 sq ft of fun with some incredible features like big and mini bowls, pump bumps, hips, pyramids, extensions flowing trannys and a street course around the decks. The bowl is actually one big snake run with all kinds of different depths, 26 hips, and steel coping. There is also a half pipe, quarter pipe, rails, capsule, flatbank ledges and verts. Skaters will also enjoy Colorado’s first 18 foot full pipe with a capsule end!

A 4,500 sq. ft addition was designed and built by Grindline Skateparks Inc., thanks to A Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant in 2011. The newer section encompasses a beginner bowl and streetscape features geared towards helping beginner skateboarders practice and gain the skills they need to skate the more intermediate and advanced sections of the park including the steep and deep bowls and more difficult transitions.

The Carbondale skate park won the 2011 award for “Best under 10,000 square foot park in Colorado” from the Colorado Coalition of Skateparks. Get ready to love this park!

Other Details

  • Tennis courts
  • Shaded spectator seating

Location – Off Hwy 133 on Meadowood Drive, behind the fire station in Carbondale, CO




Other Nearby Skate Parks

Two River Skate Park – Located at 740 Devereux Rd, Glenwood Springs, CO

Bear River Skateboard Park – 1800 Lagoon Court, Steamboat Springs, CO

Breckenridge Skate Park – Located at 880 Airport Rd, Breckenridge, CO

Frisco Skate Park – 621 Recreation Way in Frisco, CO

Aspen Rio Grande Skate Park – Located at 501 Rio Grande Pl, Aspen, CO

Snowmass Village Skate Park – Located at Town Park Station, Snowmass, CO



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