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When the snow begins to melt in the mountains of Vail, Colorado we look forward to trading skis for bikes and hit the trails. Local bike parks are a great place to practice your biking skills and lately many bike parks have been expanding to include pump tracks. Pump tracks are the newest rage for bike enthusiasts and they are perfect for kids to burn off energy in a safe and controlled environment

What are Pump Tracks

Pump tracks are carefully designed dirt trails that allow riders to maintain or increase their speed by strategically weighting and unweighting (“pumping”) their bikes through turns, dips and hills, with no need to pedal. These specialized parks require precise and careful construction to ensure the unique pumping action works correctly. When done properly, a rider can complete many laps with little or no pedaling.

Riders stand and use their legs and upper body to propel their bikes around the trails. By using their body weight they can rise up and then push down on the other side to gather speed and roll around berms. Pump track riding is a non-traditional workout that builds leg strength, eye/hand and leg coordination and kinesthetic awareness.

Who Uses Pump Tracks

Pump tracks are designed for mountain bikes and BMX bikes, dirt jump bikes, freeride bikes and scooters. The ideal bike for a pump track is a bike with smoother tires, stiff or no rear suspension, lowered seats and wheels that are 26″ or less.

But pump tracks are for everybody. Beginners can learn the ropes in a safe environment while watching advanced riders to pick up  tips.  Experienced riders can hone their skills and keep trying harder and harder moves. There are usually grassy areas and picnic areas (and bathrooms) for spectators and non-riding family members to enjoy and watch all the action. Even toddlers are included as they can practice on their scooters and gain confidence. On a beautiful, sunny day pump tracks are the ideal family-friendly outing.



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Local Pump Tracks

Eagle Pump Track

The Eagle, Colorado Pump Track is the biggest (and arguably, the best) pump track in the state, and it is a ton of fun to ride! It is part of the larger Eagle Bike Park that includes a BMX track and a learning loop’ it is the perfect place to learn skills like pumping, jumping, manual and flow.

This pump track is a blast and it is centrally located on Bull Pasture Road near the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink in Eagle, CO.

This track is challenging, very challenging. To ride two consecutive laps is next to impossible. You almost can’t make it back to the start hill without stopping because i.t is so demanding.  We are talking about a true workout.

This world-class pump track uses gravity to propel riders around dirt berms and corners that make up the course. It’s similar to  a BMX track, but the focus is not on competition. Eagle’s new pump track is located near the trailhead of the popular Haymaker mountain biking trail. Riders can use Eagle’s single track sidewalks to access the pump track from all parts of town.

  • The Eagle Pump Track is a one way pump trail section that begins right off the bike path



EagleVail Pump Track

The EagleVail Pump Track was built in 2006 and is a fun, community pump track that is perfect for all ages and skill levels to work on their bike skills. This track is located right next to the Eagle-Vail pavilion, and the Eagle Vail pond. The track has enjoyed a recent redesign and boasts improved rollers and berms.

The Pump Track rounds out an incredible list of EagleVail amenities. Located near Mikaela’s Park and just adjacent to the pond and fields, the 55′ x 86′ pump track is designed to help bikers learn to maintain speed, gain speed over bumps, and maneuver turns without pedaling.

Utilizing a looping trail system of dirt berms and rollers the park lives up to its name forcing bicyclists to use a pumping motion of the cyclist’s upper and lower body as they ride around the track. Riders pump to maintain speed without the need to use their pedals.

  • Perfect for newbies, kids, adults and experienced riders. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon..



Vail Mountain Radio Flyer Trail

The Vail Mountain Flyer Trail is not really a designated pump track but it rides like a LONG, natural pump trail. Situated on Vail Mountain, this flow trail feels like the longest natural pump track in the world.

This superb downhill flow trail put Vail Mountain biking on the map. The trail quickly leaves the ski area heading towards the woods, here you start your descent on the dirt road and ride through miles of swoop down berms and fly over hundreds of whoop-dee-doos. You won’t be able to keep the smile off your face as you head down either Hank’s Hideaway, Liondown (Upper), or Lower Radio Flyer on the way to the base area, down below.

When riding, trust the trail, look way ahead on the corners, and notice how you flow perfectly. This is by far one of the most unique trails out there, full of jumping, pumping and scrubbing. It is not at all intimidating and is perfect for making laps.

  • The Vail Mountain Flyer Trail was created in 2012
  • Access the Vail Mountain n Flyer Trail by Gondola..


Minturn Bike Park

The Minturn Bike Park is the latest addition. This 5-acre bike park on a parcel of town-owned land at Little Beach Park and sits on land directly below the Mini Mile trail, and is perfect for new and experienced riders alike.

This new, world-class park includes flow trails, green, blue and black gravity trails and climbing trails, slalom courses, rock drops, wood features, bridges as well as advanced dirt jumps and a kid and beginner-friendly pump track.

The park includes beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. Programs at the park  include kids camps, skills clinics, races and jump competitions as well as the first and only specific adaptive mountain bike trail and dual slalom course in Eagle county.

When completed, riders and spectators can enjoy shade structures, water, restrooms, and picnic areas for families to gather. The park will also include advanced level dirt jumps and technical gravity trail features with rock drops, wood features, bridges and more!

  • Ideal for kids and beginners who want to begin, improve, and progress their bike riding abilities.



Crown Mountain BMX Park

The Crown Mountain BMX track and pump track is a popular 3.75-acre bike park located next to the tennis courts at the west end of the park in the mid valley area of El Jebel

The bike park features a beginner to expert dirt jump progression track and two lanes of mirrored asphalt pump track. In addition, they have received a grant to expand the bike park. Future plans include a 1-mile, cross-country trail where riders can practice skills on rolling hills, a variety of balance obstacles, and rock and wood features.

Future plans also include free bike rentals and affordable bike camps and clinics.

The expansion will strengthen the bike park’s Gold Level scoring during future evaluations, while creating a place for the youngest generation to learn, train and benefit from multiple aspects of cycling culture in a safe environment. This was the first area in Colorado to get the Gold Level designation and only the seventh worldwide.

  • BMX riders can enjoy races and competitions throughout summer.
  • Located at 501 Eagle County Drive, Crown Mountain Park, El Jebel, CO.




Steamboat Springs BMX Park

The Steamboat Springs Pump Track is located in at the BMX Bike Park at Ski Time Square, just north of the base of the Steamboat Ski Area. It is the ideal practice area for locals, tourists, hard-core riders and beginner riders. This pump track is designed to allow riders to cruise the entire course without pedaling and taking advantage of gravity and momentum.

Opened in July 2010, this pump track is a great skill-building tool, open and free to riders of all ages and ability and is the perfect place for FUN!

The park includes a newly redesigned BMX track that is located near the base of Howelson Hill across the river from downtown Steamboat Springs.

  • This is a 950-foot, top tier, professionally designed pump track.



Frisco Bike Park

The Frisco Bike Park at the Frisco Adventure Park, has four different park amenities. The park is open from dawn to dusk in the summer (approximately until early October, weather dependent) and is free to the public. Riders are urged to wear protective gear including a helmet. The bike park has restrooms and a water refill station. Riders of all ages, sizes and abilities will enjoy the pump track, slope style course, dirt jumps and a dual slalom course.

Frisco Pump Track – A continuous dirt loop of rollers and berms, reminiscent of a BMX track but smaller in scale. This track teaches riders of all ages and abilities essential riding skills while building fitness and bike handling skills.

Frisco Slopestyle Course – “It’s all about the flow.” A mixture of dirt jumps and mountain biking for a ride built to your ability. Choose from beginner to expert terrain.

Frisco Dirt Jump Facility – Built to challenge any rider. Practice on one jump or link maneuvers through the whole park. This facility will have you airborne in no time.

Frisco Dual Slalom Course – Race a friend on a slope style course that has bumps, jumps and S-curves. The name of the game is speed.


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