Colorado Crossword Puzzle-Vail Landmarks


In the spirit of National Crossword Puzzle Day on December 21, ThinkVail has created a crossword puzzle featuring Vail Landmarks ! Test your knowledge of all things Vail, Colorado with this challenging, brain tickling puzzle. Have fun and ENJOY!

Vail Colorado Crossword Puzzle


1. Resort in Vail Village with ice skating rink, bowling alley & movie theater.

2. Name of the newest gondola in Vail Village.

3. Scenic hike with a 60-foot waterfall.

4. Out of area ski run that takes you to Minturn.

5. Vail’s competitor.

6. Surname of Vail founder.

7. A really difficult ski run.

9. Vail’s _________________ is 8150.

11. Iconic German Restaurant in Vail Village started by a Vail pioneer.

12. Resort in Lionshead at the Base of the Eagle Bahn Gondola and home to the Alderhof Ice Rink.

14. Chair lift with acrylic cover to take in the views and protect you from the elements.

15. To take a walk in the mountains in summer

17. Sometimes called champagne powder or white gold.

18. This ski resort and 40-across offer a European Village to Village skiing experience.

20. A jump into the air in skateboarding or snowboarding.

22. Iconic, rowdy, apres ski bar located on Bridge Street.

23. The name of the largest indoor ice rink in Vail.

26. A summer activity that utilizes flies

28. Name of gondola in Lionshead.

30. Popular activity that takes place on Colorado River.

32. Vail ski pass.

33. What you wear on your feet to “walk” on the snow.

34. Local mountain range named after prolific hunter from the 1880’s

37. Alta, Vail or Aspen.


8. Legendary Street in Vail that leads to the ski mountain.

10. It was legalized in Colorado in 2014.

13. Beginner hike on Vail Mountain; perfect for kids and families.

16. Exclusive on mountain restaurant accessed by Snow Cat

19. Vail has 7 legendary ones.

21. Name of bowling alley in Vail.

24. Alternative to alpine, in skiing.

25. Downhill skiing style.

27. Vail’s newest epic ski mountain terrain that opened on January 6,2000.

29. They avail themselves of Vail.

31. Awesome Back Bowl named after a ruthless Mongolian ruler.

35. The nearest 14er to Vail, Mount of the ___________________

36. Popular sport on Vail Mountain in the summer.

38. Legendary Ski Army Division that trained at Camp Hale.

39. Alternative to skis

40. Vail’s sister ski resort located 10 miles to the West of Vail.

41. Winter World Cup ski event that take place in Beaver Creek in early December.

42. Green space created by Betty Ford.

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