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What is EpicMix? In a nut shell, the EpicMix app will simplify and organize you and your family’s time on the ski mountain and make your ski vacation soooo much better and easier.

EpicMix is a free iPhone/Android app that uses a RFID-based system placed in a plastic card that is hung around your neck or kept in a pocket and is scanned to allow you access to the lifts.  Pass and ticket holders can easily track snow conditions, lift line wait times, view trail maps, web cams, add a credit card for on-mountain purchases, easy unencumbered scanning at all lifts and easily connect with family members on the mountain. It also lets skiers and riders track their days on the ski mountain and share their accomplishments automatically by social media.

EpicMix tracks your on-mountain achievements and links friends and family members to see their accomplishments. Capture your family’s memories, track personal on-mountain achievements and milestones and share your photos.

If you have an Vail Resorts’ Pass or a PEAKS lift ticket, you can activate the free EpicMix accounts at www.epicmix.com or just go to your App Store.

There is so much that this App can do, and once you activate it, and set it up, you really don’t need to do much more. There is no need to start or stop tracking – EpicMix is connected to ticket & pass scans using RFID readers so it tracks you automatically.



Currently, the EPICMIX is available at: Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Crested Butte, Whistler Blackcomb, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Stowe, Okemo, Afton Alps and Mt. Brighton

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What is EpicMix?

EpicMix Features:

This app is amazing and offers a LOT of tools to make your day on the ski mountain, easier, fun and more organized. Here is a breakdown of the features that EpicMix brings to the table.

  • View your total days on-mountain
  • Offers competitive challenges and bestows accomplishment pins for bragging rights
  • View current lift line times, know if lifts are open or closed. This is especially useful during peak times.
  • Track and compare your vertical feet with friends
  • View live grooming reports to find the best snow
  • Check mountain web cam conditions and grooming reports.  Know which trails have been groomed.
  • Track your kids’ Ski and Snowboard School lesson progress
  • Race against your friends and family
  • Use the Epic Mix Guide to explore new areas of the mountain or set a route to follow
  • View professional on-mountain Epic Mix photographer photos of you and your family and friends right in the app

EpicMix Challenges and Badges

This is a great way to get you amped up for a day on the mountain whether you are skiing by yourself or with family or friends it gives you clear, concise goals to try to attain by the end of the day. It just gives your day a fun, competitive edge.

There are tons of challenges but here are a few examples so you get the idea.

  • DÉJÀ Vu: Earned for riding the same lift 5 times in a row.
  • Golden Feet Challenge: Earned for covering 50,000 feet (15,240 meters) this season!
  • 10K Challenge: Earned by Skiing 10,000 vertical feet in a day at a single resort
  • 10 Miler: Earned for racking up 52,800 feet (16,093 meters) in a season, that’s 10 miles.

Challenge yourself and your friends to tons of challenges and pins for bragging rights to keep the excitement up! Once you have accomplished a challenge or a pin you can have it automatically sent out on social media so all your friends will know your accomplishment!



EpicMix Guide

The EpicMix Guide is like having your own private tour guide in your pocket. With it you can plan a perfect day on the ski mountain. Just create it, save it and track it. Save your selected Guide to your profile before you go skiing. To do this, enter the resort you are skiing, your level of skiing experience, beginner, intermediate or advance and the amount of time you have to ski that day; hours, half day, full day.

The app will give you a complete itinerary of where to go and what trails to use It will even tell you which side of the lift you should exit from. Track your progress on your phone as you explore the mountain. Super fun, and super easy, even if you have never been to the ski resort before!

EpicMix Photos

The idea is as you and your family ski the mountain you will see the EpicMix on-mountain photographers who will take your photo for free. Then you can share it with your friends and family and also purchase a high quality digital download.

Vail offer specials like: Unlimited high resolution photo downloads this season all for just $50! So make sure you check before you purchase that there is not a special deal going on.



EpicMix Snow Conditions/Terrain/Lift Status/Grooming Reports & More

See what the day will bring! This is a great way to check up-to-the-minute snow conditions, view web cams, check lift wait times, and more, all from your EpicMix account. Just click on Conditions in the App and it will give you the information for the resort closet to your phones location.

  • Grooming Reports – It will also tell you whether trails have been groomed, just click Terrain.
  • Want to know the Wait Lines for any lift? Just click on Lifts.
  • Click on Mountain Cams to view tons of locations on the mountain and see what is going on, is it crowded? is it snowing?
  • Check out the traffic and Road Conditions on I-70 to see how your commute to the mountains is going to be. Is it moving or is bumper to bumper? Are thee any accidents?

EpicMix Maps

Check out trail maps for the entire ski resort. Vail Resort has maps for The Front Side, The Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin. You are the blue dot on the map, see where you go. You can always change your ski map to any of the ski resorts in the EpicMix portfolio by clicking on the little blue arrow at the top of the App screen on your phone. On this map you will also see estimated time waits for all lifts



EpicMix Academy

Want to know how you or your kids are really doing in Ski School? Track your kiddos Ski & Snowboard School progress with EpicMix!

For example, does your child:

  • Know the Responsibility Code
  • Put on/take off equipment and complete flat terrain activities
  • Demonstrate side stepping and movement patterns from foot to foot
  • Learn to get up independently after a fall

View their accomplishments and see if they earn certified pins from their instructor from your personal dashboard. You can even share their achievements with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

EpicMix – Connecting Families

EpicMix is taking your families’ ski and snowboarding experience to a whole new level. Now you can track your on-mountain achievements and link family members to see their accomplishments. Capture your family’s memories, track your milestones and share your photos all from the App. Parents can also use EpicMix to track the lift rides of their kids in real time.

Kids EpicMix – There is also a special website for kids under the age of 14, which will allow them to connect with their parents’ accounts, but will have content designed specifically for them and unique pins only kids can earn. The kids’ site also will have special privacy restrictions.



EpicMix Ski Racing

Makes recording your amateur racing statistics easy, see yourself on the EpicMix Racing leaderboard featuring the top 100 ski racers. Race against friends, family, professional skiers, even Lindsey Vonn! You can also share your race pins, photos, race medals and check-ins manually or automatically. Have fun comparing your race times with friends.

EpicMix Historical Time Insights

Make planning your vacation even easier with EpicMix Time Insights. This will show you the actual lift line wait times and snow totals from previous ski seasons. Review the mountain tips and discover that no matter what day you plan to visit, there is always a piece of the mountain to be explored.



Get started with EpicMix

Its EASY! EpicMix does not require you to do anything but ski and ride as you always have. There is nothing to buy, and no required check-ins with your cell phone. The ality is embedded into Vail Resorts’ existing season passes and PEAKS lift tickets. But keep in mind,  you are going to want to install the app, log in, add your friends and family members, turn on the social sharing and maybe add the credit card option before your trip. You do not want to be doing this on the chairlift on a powder day!




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Have you used EpicMix before?  Do you love it? Do you hate it?  What is your favorite feature of EpicMix and what would you change if you could?  We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.


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  • I have not heard of EpicMix before but this is good to know. I have two brothers who loves this kind of adventure and I am sure they would be ecstatic to hear about this app. We are all going to California for the winter holiday this year. This would be the best time to test it out. Thanks for the tip.

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. Yes, you can absolutely use the EpicMix app on your trip to California because the EpicMix is the official app for Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood, all ski resorts in California! Have fun and tell me how you and your brother liked using the app.

  • I know this is a really popular app within the skiing community. I usually use the EpicMix app at Stowe as I live on the East Coast and it is amazing.  I will be taking a ski vacation to Park City, Utah in the spring and can't wait to try it there.  I already have my whole family loaded into the system and I am connected to Facebook so when I complete challenges like the !) Buck Challenge where you ride 10 lifts in a single day My friends at home will be super jealous, (just kidding...kind of)  The Epic Mix is a really nice community of like minded friends coming together, and doing what they love best, skiing or snowboarding because of the app.

    • Wow! Have a great time in Park City, it is the largest ski area in the United States! And good luck completing lots of challenges and scoring some accomplishment pins. Don't forget to try EpicMix Racing where you can win medals and race against professional skiers, like Lindsey Vonn.

  • Hi! I have been researching EpicMix. We will be traveling to Vail this winter and I want to use this app but I am unfamiliar with it.  I loved your article,as it helped make everything very clear and apparent as to what features it offers and how to use them. I’m excited to use EpicMix trail maps and the lift line wait time feature as it seems like if we ski on the weekends we are always waiting in a long chairlift line- I am hoping NO MORE long lift lines for us. So I want to get started and I have learned it’s very simple to register and start using EpicMix. So I'll be giving it a try on our next Ski Vacation to Vail. Thank you very much for this review!

    • Hi Henry, So glad you found this helpful.  Yes I think you will have a ball using the EpicMix Appp and yes it will help you see which chairlifts have the longest lift lines so you can avoid those until they thin out. It's also a great way to see which runs have been groomed.

  • I love the EpicMix Guide, I think it's the best feature on the app Cause it solves the problem of not knowing where to go.  If I know the ski mountain well, it mixes up my normal routes and I can ride something fresh in the amount of time I have allotted.  If I am not familiar with the mountain at all, it will safely guide me to some great trails that are perfectly suited to my ability.  

    • Hi Zuchi, Yes, this is what I do too!  I have a tendency to do the same runs that I know over and over, which can be fun and great exercise but it's nice to be able to change it up.  I don't have to look at a map or figure out what trails are good for my ability.  I just plug all the details into the app and it guides me to fun trails all over the mountain in the amount of time I have before I have to go back to work.  It's so convenient!

  • EpicMix has some really good features. It is great having a web for kids under 14 yr. That way the kids can be involved too and share all their fun challenges with their friends and their parents and other family members. I like that I can see what your kids are up to even if I am not skiing with them.  It is a great way to stay connected even if you are skiing black diamond moguls and your kids are in ski school.  Great App! Thank you and enjoy the snow 😊 

    • Hi Maria, thanks for the comments.  Yes the EpicMix a great app for kids too and really gets them involved and enthusiastic about skiing and snowboarding.  


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