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Wondering what to do in Vail, Colorado in the summertime?  Check out these 10 fun adventures in or near Vail, Colorado.  Choose from rafting, horseback riding, bike tours, fly-fishing, golfing and much more.  There is a tour here for everybody.  Click on the photo or the name of the tour to reserve the trip.  Make your trip to Vail unforgettable by trying something you will, never ever forget.

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What To Do in Vail Colorado – 10 Adventures

#1 Summer Adventure – Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Vail, Colorado is a fantastic activity. Imagine floating down a beautiful river in a dory or wading along the banks of a picturesque stream.  Fish alone or with a knowledgeable guide that will tell you all the tricks to catching the BIG one! Colorado is ideal for anglers of all abilities from beginners to seasoned pros! Enjoy the fantastic scenery and learn new fishing tactics and access new stretches of water.

Read this article for some of the best fishing spots in the area as well as guides and outfitters that offer a variety of trips for a successful day of fishing.

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#2 Summer Adventure – Mountain Biking

Vail, Colorado and its surrounding areas have no shortage of exceptional and exciting mountain biking.  Whether you decide to hit Vail or Beaver Creek Mountain with its miles and miles of scenic single track trails or head off to the hidden gems of Minturn, EagleVail or Eagle, you are sure to enjoy a day of adventure! Span entire mountains, from top to bottom and ridge line to ridge line while taking in an array of breathtaking views along the way.

Read this article to find great mountain biking trails throughout the Vail valley as well as local bike shops that rent bikes and offer guided tours.

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#3 Summer Adventure – White Water Rafting

Colorado is home to some of the best white water rafting ( and kayaking) in the world. And, the Vail valley offers an amazing variety of rafting adventures, from friendly-family float trips that lazily meander through scenic canyons to adrenaline pumping, big water river carnage that is perfect for adrenalin junkies. Come and see why white water rafting in Vail, Colorado is second to none.

Read this article for local rafting companies that offer a wide variety of rafting trips as well as different local stretches of water that are great for rafting and kayaking.

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#4 Summer Adventure – Horseback Riding

There is no better way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Colorado than from horseback.  These magnificent animals can get you into the back-country and onto an adventure like no other. From atop a horse you can relax and enjoy the big beautiful views, and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature all around you, a while being immersed in the moment. Check out these local outfitters to find the perfect trip for you and your family.

Read this article to find local stables that offer a variety of different types of trail rides in the Vail area.

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#5 Summer Adventure – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding (SUP) is a great way to get out on the water, whether that be on a pond, lake or river. It lets you get away from it all, or can bring you and your family and friends closer together for a day of summer fun.  If you can swim, you can paddle board. Whether you’re young, old, large, small, athletic or a couch potato, paddle boarding is a great activity for you!

Read this article to find all the best places to go paddle boarding as well as guides and outfitters that offer SUP rentals, guided tours and instruction.

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#6 Summer Adventure – Hiking

No matter where you are staying in Vail, a great hike is just minutes away. Hiking is the perfect way to get away from it all. Enjoy the sounds of nature and beautiful views while focusing on what’s really important.

Check out this article to find popular places to hike ( including 14’ers), as well as guides and outfitters that offer a variety of unique hikes for the whole family.

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#7 Summer Adventure – Bird Watching

The Vail Valley and Colorado, in general, boasts a big, diverse selection of bird species year-round. The summer comes alive with hundreds of birds but even the cold winter offers quite a lot of birds due to the fact that the area enjoys a variety of elevations, terrain, vegetation and habitats.

Read this article to find specific, local birding areas and organizations that offer birdwatching outings.

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#8 Summer Adventure – Mushroom Hunting

Colorado is home to more than 2,000 varieties of fungi, second only to the Pacific Northwest. It is estimated that 50 to 100 varieties of mushroom found in the state are edible. But keep in mind,  it’s not recommended that you go out mushroom hunting without an experienced guide or advanced knowledge of your prey.

Read the following article to learn more about the types of mushroom  that grow locally and tips for successfully hunting fungi in Vail, Colorado

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.#9 Summer Adventure – Rock Climbing

The Vail valley boasts a diverse array of world-class climbing, and many are just a short drive from town. Whether you are a never-ever or a seasoned pro you will find tons of routes that are fun and challenging. Climbers can enjoy a multitude of sports climbing, trad climbing and bouldering in the area.

Read the full article to find routes and pitches in the Vail valley as well as local guides to show you the ropes.

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#10 Summer Adventures – Golfing

The elevation of the Vail Valley ranges from East Vail at 8,200 ft. to Gypsum at 6,300 ft. and includes summit courses that top out at 9,200 foot in elevation. We are certainly up there in elevation, and it WILL affect your game, but mostly for the better.

Read the full article for a complete description of all the local golf courses in the Vail Valley.

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Please leave a comment about what you like to do in Vail and about any of these fantastic tours and trips in the Vail Valley we would love to here your personal experiences and stories. Thanks for reading.



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  • I have always wanted to go to Vail! And I’m planning on going very soon so I’m so excited to read this list. For sure I want to go on the dispensary tour, and I really want to go on the triple B tour!  But  I’m also so exited to go sightseeing!  It looks so beautiful there and I’ve only heard great things. I’m interested in skiing there, do they have good skiing for beginners?

    • Hi Sydney, both the Marijuana Dispensary Tour and the Booze, Brews and Bites Tour are fantastic. You will have tons of fun, learn a lot, all while enjoying delicious food, local craft beers and spirits and good, green buds! Yes there is lots of great skiing for beginners, you will have a ball. Here is a post on How to Navigate Vail Mountain, it will tell you were all the best beginner areas are. Have fun while you are visiting.

  • Thank you for all the tips on what to do in Vail! Vail has always been on my bucket list and we are finally planning a visit for this summer! I have always wanted to raft down the Colorado River so I am very interested in the rafting adventures. But I do have one question about the river rapids - can you choose a boat based on adrenaline level? My partner LOVES rapids so will want a high adrenaline experience, but I would like to just try it without the high adrenaline (I've never done it before) 

    It definitely looks like I won't be bored either way, there's so much to do! 

    • Hi Holly, so happy you will be visiting us this summer in Vail.  These are just two options of many that are available for rafting trips.  The Short & Mild Rafting Trip is perfect for first timers, families with young kids and people who might think they will be afraid of the river.  Do this trip at the very beginning of your trip so if you love it,  you can enjoy another river trips during your trip. The 2-Day Westwater Rafting Trip is definitely for the adrenaline junkie, this trip is also available as a Single Day Westwater Rafting Trip with no camping involved. If neither of these trips suit you don't worry there are lots of options on river trips in the area


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