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Welcome to ThinkVail – shop our list for the best snowboard travel bag featuring wheeled bags, padded bags, rigid hard cases and board sleeves from Burton, Rossignol, Thule, Sportube and more to keep your gear safe this winter.

If you’re traveling to a ski resort, like Vail, in the winter with your snowboard you are going to need a snowboard travel bag to protect it. What is the difference between a ski bag and a snowboard bag, are they interchangeable? Does it even matter? Here are 10 of the best snowboard travel bags to make traveling with your snowboard a breeze.

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Ski and snowboard bags share many similarities including materials, functionality and features. Many times you can use a large ski bag to hold your snowboard but in general, ski bags are usually longer and more narrow than snowboard bags. If your bag is a lot longer than the snowboard you will likely have a very floppy bag that can be frustrating to carry.

Also snowboard bags are usually a little wider so your board lays nice and flat in the bag and is not angled up in a cramped bag. If it does not lie flat there is more of a chance your board could be damaged during transit.

Keep in mind that airlines recommend hard shell snowboard cases over soft bags.

In addition keep your total snowboard bag weight under 50 lbs to avoid additional airline fees.



Snowboard Travel Bags Options

Wheeled Snowboard Bags

Very convenient and easy way to transport your snowboard. These are usually the largest bags available are capable of carrying multiple decks.

Non-Wheeled Snowboard Bags

Easier to maneuver than a non-wheeled bag because they are shorter length. These bags typically hold 1- 3 boards and have additional space for other gear or clothing.

Hard Case Ski Bags

Offers the greatest protection possible. Made from a super durable plastic that will last for years. You can usually pack multiple boards and skis/poles but they do not leave much space for packing anything else. These cases are adjustable in length so they can accommodate most any size snowboard.

Fully Padded Ski Bags

Offer lots of cushioning and padding to protect your equipment. This type offers the most protection short of a plastic hard case.

Unpadded Snowboard Bags

Also called board sleeves, they do not offer much in the way of protection. They are great for storage, road trips, train or transporting boards on the bus for ski club but not so great for air travel.


Find the right snowboard bag size. Snowboard bags are measured in centimeters. Choose a bag that is equal to or longer than the longest snowboard that will be in the bag. Many bags are adjustable in length, allowing you to extend or shorten the length of the bag. This is an awesome option if you have different size boards or have multiple people using the same bag.



Best Snowboard Travel Bags

Wheeled Snowboard Bags

#1 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Looking for a name brand, padded, wheeled monster of a snowboard bag that can hold a ton of stuff? Look no further than the Burton Wheelie Gig. This bag comes in a variety of sizes from 146 centimeters to a whopping 181 centimeters, no matter what size board you have Burton has a bag for you.

  • This snowboard bag can safely hold multiple decks
  • Offering bombproof construction and a fully padded main compartment for board protection
  • Removable padded shoulder strap offers lots of versatility and easy carrying when transporting. Most bags just have end handles and a suitcase handle. The Wheelie Gig has an end handle on each end of the bag, a suitcase handle and a removable shoulder strap!
  • This bag is lockable, the contoured zipper pulls fit TSA approved locks (sold separately)
  • Ixion Skate Wheel System provides smooth rolling for when you have to cover a lot of ground in the airport terminal.
  • External zippered accessory pocket means more storage for your gear.
  • The internal webbing straps that keeps your boards in place and prevents scuffing or rubbing is also a nice feature
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit boards between 146 cm and 181 cm.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in assorted colors and patterns


#2 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Dakine Unisex Low Roller Snowboard Bag

The Dakine Low Roller is a less expensive option than the Whirlie Gig and offers great value for snowboard travel protection for your next ski vacation.

  • This board can hold A LOT including 2 boards (1 with bindings mounted), 1 pair boots and outerwear.
  • It offers 360 degree padding for great board protection.
  • End handle makes one-handed navigation through the airport concourse easy. There is also a suitcase handle. Unfortunately this bag does not come with a shoulder strap.
  • Two large exterior boot storage pockets can be locked (sold separately)
  • Big 9 centimeter, heavy-duty wheels means easy rolling.
  • Packs down tight for easy storage when your trip is over
  • Available in sizes from 157 cm -175 cm
  • Available in assorted colors and patterns.


#3 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag

Thule has been in the gear storage business for years and a leader in the field. Their line of snowboard travel bags is filled with innovative features and smart technology for a long-lasting, durable product.

  • The Thule Roundtrip is constructed of a highly tear resistant and water resistant fabric
  • Features padded, cinch top board sleeves to protect your snowboard
  • Offers structural reinforcement at the top of the bag to prevent sagging at the top and bottom of the bag if a shorter snowboard is being protected inside of the bag.
  • Bag has added protection along the tips and tails to protect your decks.
  • The bag offers heavy-duty, smooth rolling wheels for easy transporting
  • Multiple grab handles on each end of the bag, as well as a suitcase handle.
  • S-shaped zipper that coils around the bag makes it really easy to organize your gear and find and retrieve items without having everything fall out when traveling.
  • Bag fits two snowboards up to 165 cm in length plus boots
  • Internal and external compression straps keeps gear from shifting
  • Internal zipped pocket is the perfect place to store additional gear
  • Lockable zippers (Locks sold separately).
  • 2 Colors: Black and Blue


#4 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Athletico Padded Wheeled Bag

The Athletico Conquest is a padded, wheeled snowboard travel bag for around $100. It’s big, roomy style and removable shoulder strap are just some of the features that makes this bag stand apart from the others.

  • Made of water-resistant material with an all-weather tarpaulin bottom.
  • This snowboard bag offers 360 degrees of 10 mm of dense foam padding to protect your board and other gear from damage and baggage check mishandling.
  • Available in two sizes: Accommodating boards up to 175 centimeters. This snowboard bag can fit most snowboards.
  • Two internal straps prevent your board from sliding around in the bag.
  • These straps make it perfect for smaller snowboards, eliminating movement and freeing up additional room for storage.
  • Heavy-duty wheels make navigating around airport and parking lots easy.
  • The inside is lined with a thermal, waterproof material for added protection.
  • Extra large exterior pocket and a spacious interior wet pocket to keep wet gear separated from the rest.
  • Neoprene padded handles for easy carrying and a detachable shoulder strap
  • EZ glide, full-length wrap-around double zippers that can be locked (sold
  • This bag is built to last.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee




#5 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Rome Padded Bag with Wheels

The Rome Padded snowboard bag is the Big Daddy snowboard travel bag you have been searching for, everything on this bag is bigger and reinforced to offer you the best travel bag you can find.

  • Easily holds up to FOUR boards (without bindings). The integrated board scabbard allows for multiple boards and has a thin clear, full-length piece of material that separates two boards from each other. Other boards can be added but there is only one separator.
  • Coffin construction boasts padding everywhere; the main compartment and the external pockets are all generously padded for your gears protection
  • Reinforced skate wheels roll smoothly and are long-lasting.
  • Three padded BIG external gear compartments can hold tons of stuff including boots, bindings, coats and outerwear.
  • Constructed 900D Ripstop fabric ensures durability, most bags are only 600D
  • It has tons of comfortable, reinforced, padded handles; dual end carrying handles, a suitcase handle, two additional middle throw handles and a detachable shoulder strap, are all made from beefy nylon webbing. All these handle options make carrying this bag convenient and easy.
  • Fits boards up to 168 cm
  • Perfect for the serious traveler, if you are a rider who spend weeks or months on the road, you are going to LOVE this bag!




Padded Snowboard Bags

#6 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Bag

Enjoy a top of the line, deluxe, padded snowboard bag for under a hundred dollars! This bag is one of the best on the market and was created for the hardcore snowboard traveler who wants a lot of protection and style.

  • All-around thick padded protection!
  • Constructed of 600D PVC Coated Polyester is water resistant and super durable
  • Available in 2 sizes to fit all boards. 157 cm/62 inches and 165 cm/65 inches.
  • Built with reinforced construction with double stitching and waterproof liner.
  • Includes a comfortable removable padded shoulder strap and burly dual end carry handles.
  • Exterior zippered pocket
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Padded snowboard bag only – no wheels
  • Weighs less than 4 pounds.
  • Packs down tight for easy storage when not in use.


#7 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Rossignol Snowboard & Gear Bag

For more than 100 years Rossignol has been a winter snowsports leader, they are known for making skiing and riding easier, more inspiring, and more fun! Whether your a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior this snowboard travel bag will exceed your expectations.

  • Padded travel snowboard sleeve-style bag
  • Constructed of 600D Ripstop material so you know this bag is tough and durable.
  • PVC waterproof coating
  • Big exterior pocket to hold gear as well as a smaller zippered pocket inside of the external pocket to hold smaller gear you don’t want to lose like sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Holds a snowboard with bindings as well as boots and some additional clothing
  • Suitcase handle, a single end carry handle and an adjustable, detachable, padded shoulder strap
  • Available in one size only 163 centimeters.


#8 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – ANGU SPORTS Padded Snowboard Bag

Looking for an inexpensive padded snowboard that will protect your single snowboard and some gear beautifully? The Agnu Sports Padded Snowboard Bag is a perfect and at under $50 it will make your wallet happy too!

  • An inexpensive padded snowboard bag that will hold a single snowboard with bindings and may hold your boots too depending on their size and still have room for gloves, ski jacket, ski pants, googles.
  • Constructed of 600D rip stop material and heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom to resist water and prevent tearing
  • All -around cushioning and padding keeps your gear protected whether you are traveling or just storing away for the off-season.
  • Measures 71” x 12” (180 x 30 cm).
  • Two quality compression straps keeps your gear tight and secure
  • High quality full length zippers with extra long zipper pullers.


Hard Case Snowboard Bags

#9 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Sportube Special Edition Snowboard Case

The Sportube Series 3 is the truly bomber-proof way of shipping or transporting snowboards. Hard cases  offer the highest probability of safety over any other type of bag.

  • This is the biggest version of the Sportube, if you can’t fit it in here, you probably don’t need it!
  • The molded, rigid, High Density Polyethylene plastic Sportube is designed to hold and protect a lot of gear!
  • Plastic case has no stitching to come undone, no buckles to break and no fraying nylon straps.
  • Easy pull handles paired with wheels improve maneuverability and make moving these BIG storage cases easy
  • Can be shipped Fed Ex & UPS by itself without a box
  • Innovative telescopic function lets you customize the length of the ski tube so can accommodate any snowboard from 107 cm to 183 cm
  • This special edition comes with a TSA approved combination lock,
  • Includes a Nik Nac Pac which can hold items like goggles, gloves and ski pass.
  • Easily close and secure the contents of your Sportube with the included cotter pin.
  • 6 rubber band brake retainers and 6 ski straps secure your equipment and keeps it from shifting.
  • The Sportube can also be strapped to the roof of a car for road trips. The hard plastic makes sure your equipment is free of salt, water, mud or damage as you drive.
  • This Special Edition includes a lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA




UnPadded Snowboard Bags

#10 Best Snowboard Travel Bag – Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag

If you don’t need a lot of protection but want to keep you board away from mud, snow, water and being scratched up than this name brand snowboard bag might be the perfect bag for you.

  • Smaller bag that holds two snowboards, one with bindings
  • Perfect for car road trips, bus rides, train travel or off-season storage.
  • Fits boards from 129 centimeters to 181 centimeters
  • Simple, no-nonsense bag for basic protection
  • 600D Polyester with TPE Backing
  • Removable shoulder strap makes transporting this bag a breeze
  • Not recommended for air flight as there is no padding.




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What is your favorite snowboard travel bag? Do you have a favorite name brand that you always look for? What is your favorite, must have feature in a travel bag. Do you prefer wheeled bags, padded bags or the hard cases for air flight? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.



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  • Hi thanks for this post, love the list of best snowboard travel bags. I've already bookmarked this post because it is so helpful. I am planning on buying the Sportube. We have lots of ski activities/competitions to attend to and lots of things to carry along, this bags will go along way to reduce the stress about getting our gear safely from place to place  I prefer a hard case ski bag, my snowboard is important to me and I think this will last me for years 

    • I am so happy you were able to find a perfect snowboard travel bag for you and your family and I am happy you found this post useful.  Thanks so much Destiny and enjoy the Sportube, you are going to love it!

  • Great post about the best snowboard travel bags, I think I have found mine, the Spottube.  I live in Florida but am going to school in California.  I snowboard most weekends and we travel to different ski areas around us usually by car, we don't really ever fly.  I am really excited to use this bag on top of the car when we drive to keep my stuff safe but at the end of the school year when I have to drive home I can either strap it to the top of my car or just mail it home if I have to much other stuff and have trouble making it all fit.  This is my first year in school so I can definitely use this for at least 3 more years and probably beyond.  This seems like a really good purchase to me.  Thanks for the idea!

    • Hi Louis, yes the Sporttube is really versatile travel storage case, it is great on the top of the car just make sure you have good, high quality straps to tie it down with. It is the best way to protect your gear when and if you do fly and if you want to mail it, there is no need for a cardboard box, just slap aon it, and it's ready to go!  Enjoy the Sportube it will make your life easier!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing review of the best snowboard travel bags.  I have been researching bags for weeks and I found your article so helpful.  You have included how to choose the right bag for your needs, all the features of each bag, a video that shows more about each bag, a direct link to Amazon to purchase the snowboard bag.  This makes it so easy to compare features and pricing.  I just love all the info you have included, thanks for doing all the legwork!

    • Thank you for the nice comments about the best travel snowboard bag article.  I am so happy you found it useful and liked the information.  I hope you were able to find the perfect travel snowboard bag for you. Thanks for reading!

  • Great article. I love ANGU SPORTS Padded Snowboard Bag and I think I'm gonna go for it, the fact that the snowboard bag is versatile and big enough to hold other ski equipment such as gloves, ski jacket, ski pants, goggles, is amazing. Plus I found out on their page about their warranty where they offer a no questions asked lifetime warranty on all our products on all manufacturer defects. Thumbs up. 

    • Great Michelle, I did not even know about the lifetime warranty, that makes this bag even more appealing.  Thanks for sharing!

  • I tried snowboarding for the first time this winter and caught the bug. Once that happens, you have to buy rather than rent. If I can convince my Minister of Finance (my wife) to allocate the funds, I will bebuying a snowboard soon. Naturally, this means I'll need a protective snowboard travel bag which makes your post quite timely. I didn't know much about them before and your advice about how to buy is going to come in handy.

    I am interested in the  hard shell case, I think that is the way to go. 

    I was wondering, do you have any posts on how to buy the snowboards? That can help me with my decision.

    Thanks for this info.


    • Hi Jim, I am so happy you tried snowboarding this winter and liked it.  It really is a wonderful sport and as you improve you will love it more and more.  As a beginner, I would actually wait to buy a snowboard travel bag.  Instead when you visit other ski resorts I would take the opportunity to rent and demo other boards so you can get a feel of what different types of boards offer so you can find the perfect snowboard to fit your ability and type of snowboarding ie. terrain parks, carving, all mountain, etc.  However for more information and a list of the best boards for beginners you can check out the post  How to Shop for a Snowboard.  It will tell you what to look for when shopping for a board as well as 10 of the best beginner boards. 

  • Great post about the Best Snowboard Travel Bags.  I am a competitive snowboarder who races most weekends.  I need a reliable, durable bag that will protect my bags while driving, taking the team bus or flying. 

    I know that airlines recommend a hard case, but to me, these seem a bit unwieldy and I prefer the soft cover cases so that can also pack extra gear in the same case. Of these 10 models, the two that stand out for me is the Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard bag, as it is cheap yet has a lot of features I am looking for and I like the exterior zippered pocket.

    The other one that is close to what I need is the Rome Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels. As you might guess, what sets this above is the wheelset it has. I like mobility and not having to drag or carry the bags, so the wheels are just the deal. The price is also reasonable. Lastly, the size is attractive.

    Some excellent reviews on both I see too. Your post has helped me narrow down my choice quickly, and I thank you for saving me a lot of time.

  • I have a snowboard traveling bag but which is not good again, it has tore and the funniest part of it is that I bought it three months ago ,since it can no longer be use I have been searching for a more durable and quality snowboard traveling bag and luckily for me I came across your article which has listed a lot of bags with nice features to purchase one. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article because you must have done a lot of research.

    • Hi Lok, thank you for your nice comments about the post, Best Snowboard Travel Bags and I am SO sorry to hear that your bag has ripped after only three months- that is so frustrating and you have a wonderful attitude, I would be ranting and raving!  For your next bag I would highly suggest the Sportube hard case, it will never tear, and it is just about indestructible. I think I would lose my mind if I bought another bag and it got torn also. Good luck Lok!

  • Loved this review about the best snowboard travel bags, it had tons of great options. The compact Athletico snowboard bag is perfect pick for me and for those traveling by themselves,The zippers also feature some locking zipper pulls, keeping the contents of your bag secure. There is also a small pouch on the outside. With a padded shoulder strap, you can carry this bag around with ease and lots of styles, with different designs to choose from. 

    • Hi Seun, so glad you found a snowboard bag that fits your needs from this list of the Best Snowboard Travel Bags.  The Athletic snowboard bag is a great choice!  It is a very affordable bag with a price point around $100 and offers A LOT of padding to protect your equipment.  The shoulder strap and suitcase handle and wheels make it very easy to manipulate. If you need to transport a single board with boots, binding and gear this is the bag to get!

  • These are 10 great solutions for the snowboard travel bags. It is very important to have the right board to keep yur snowboard safe and protected. My brother in-law told me of how when he first traveled to Finland, he had the most horrible experience with his snowboard because the bag he used in wasn't an airline specified bag and so they had to remove it from the bag and he held it all the way to the hotel.

    It is important to find the best snowboard travel bags before setting off on these trips. Great,informative post.

    • Wow! That is an amazing story about your brother-in-law.  I have heard that the only plastic, hard case snowboard travel bags are recommended by airlines but I didn't realize that they just wouldn't allow a certain type of bag and would make you carry it.  That seems crazy, and what a pain in the butt that would be.  Thank you for sharing your story!

  • I really enjoyed this review about the 10 best snowboard travel bags. I am looking for a bag just to protect my deck when I drive to my local ski hill and to use when I store my gear for the summer.  I don't think I need padding or wheels so I am thinking of just getting the Burton Space Sock.  Do you think this would work for my needs?

    • Hello Seyi, Thank you for your kind comment about the best snowboard travel bags post. Yes, I think for car travel and for storage the Burton Space Sock Snowboard Bag would be just fine. These sleeves offer very little protection for air travel but are perfect just to keep other items from scratching or scuffing your snowboard with their durable ripstop material.  I think this bag would be perfect for your needs. Enjoy!


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